The Team

Meet the Team

Mango is a small team of professionals specializing in web development, graphic design, advertisment, and marketing. We are creators, designers, engineers, and problem solvers.

Eric Vennaro (EV)

Product Development at Mango LLC

EV is always pluggin away at a database or working on the newest programming stack. In college Eric was passionate about ROTC and was a leader among Cadets in John Carroll's ROTC Army program. He's a coder by choice and a hacker at heart.

Kevin Wang (Kay)

Design and Marketing at Mango LLC

Kay lives and breathes design. He's an entrepreneur at heart and finds meaning in bringing concepts and ideas to life. He spends his free time working out and eating sushi. He lives his life by one simple truth: "if there is a will, there's a way."

The Mango Team

No matter what their skill set is, all members of Mango are dedicated to delivering the kind of technological ingenuity and superior customer experience that will help you succesfully market your college brand in the ever evolving international market.