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Have you ever had a friend who was more popular, more confident, more everything than you?

Julie Braverman is the coolest person Julie Prodsky has ever met. She has no curfew, a to-die-for wardrobe, and her mother is the model in the "It's Better in the Bahamas" ad. During their freshman year at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City, the previously unexplored world of flirting, freedom, and fashion is revealed to Julie P. through the eyes of her new best friend.

Learning the secret to Julie B.'s collection of Fiorucci jeans-shoplifting- only makes Julie P. admire her more. Before long Julie P. has her own closet full of stolen clothing, and a new boyfriend. Then Julie P.'s conscience catches up with her. If she stops stealing, will her relationship with Julie B. come to and end?

This fresh, funny first novel explores the true meaning of friendship-in all of its messy, beautiful complexity.

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