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The Common App Leaves Out International Students

By Maximilian Loeffler / 17 Nov 14

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There are multiple resources that assist prospective students as they figure out the college application process. One of the rising stars, of late, has been The Common Application. The Common Application, also referred to as the Common A...

Fall 2014 Updated Press Release

By Maximilian Loeffler / 28 Oct 14

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Mango Takes Next Step After Successful Pilot Program to Connect Universities with International Students, and Pitch Competition CLEVELAND, October 25, 2014 – Consult Mango, an international student recruitment agency, is designing a w...

Adapting to Millennial international Students

By Maximilian Loeffler / 16 Oct 14

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The World Education Service recently concluded research on strategies to target international students. Li Chang, and Paul Schulmann focused primarily on Indian and Chinese students seeking bachelors and masters degrees. The surveys were...

Businesses support plans in recruiting international students

By Maximilian Loeffler / 08 Oct 14

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The recruitment of international students seems to have a broader impact than initially anticipated. Citylab recently discussed how local businesses are interested in recruit international students who have studied in the area. Austin, ...

Universal Online Application in Iowa

By Maximilian Loeffler / 02 Oct 14


The Iowa state Board of Regents recently commissioned Deloitte Consulting to evaluate and make recommendations on how to improve the application process for universities in the state of Iowa. The main recommendation that Deloitte Consu...

Colorado State University Boosts Admissions Thanks to International Recruiters

By Maximilian Loeffler / 26 Sep 14


Colorado State University (CSU) has taken advantage of international recruiting for its 2014-2015 school year. Its new strategy involves partnerships with the Brazilian government and direct recruitment in Chinese and Vietnamese high sch...

Why Agency-based Recruiting Should Not Be a Dirty Word

By Maximilian Loeffler / 25 Sep 14

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The United States is lagging behind when it comes to agency-based recruitment, at least compared to other advanced English speaking countries, such as The United Kingdom and Australia who have been active for decades. “Overall this r...

Making the International Student Experience a Win-Win

By Maximilian Loeffler / 20 Sep 14

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Studying abroad for post-secondary education is in. This year the annual number of students who chose to study outside of their home country rose to 4.5 million. That figure is both astounding and tantalizing for universities considering...

International Recruitment: Who is Succeeding?

By Maximilian Loeffler / 20 Sep 14


Recruitment of international students is hardly a new topic, traditionally done at the graduate level recruitment has recently spread to the undergraduate ranks in a hurry. In 2008 2.8 percent of UCLA’s freshman class came from outside t...

Universities Betting On Brazil

By Maximilian Loeffler / 12 Sep 14

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Large universities are betting strongly on the recruitment of international students. How strongly you may ask? In the case of Ohio State University, the third largest institution in the country hosting over 50,000 students a semester, i...

Press Release

By Mango / 22 Jul 14


Here at Mango we have been fortunate enough to be accepted into the Flashstarts accelerator and recently received this press release: Mango Launches Pilot Program to Connect Universities with International Students ...