Contract Terms


1. ADDITIONAL PAYMENT: The Client acknowledges that extra session time, travel outside of the Minneapolis Metro Area, rush processing, and additional digital images or product not included in this package will be billed in addition to the regular session rate and must be paid in full before receipt of the final images.

2. DELIVERY: Rachel Collins will try to deliver as many of The Client’s desired poses as possible, but does not guarantee that all requests will be able to be met, and as such selection of final proofs is up to Rachel’s sole artistic discretion. Proofs will be available online no later than 3 weeks after the session date, with the final product delivered no later than 2 weeks after the client’s approval of the proofs (exceptions apply for certain products) unless otherwise specified and agreed upon.

3. DIGITAL USE: The above client is hereby granted a license by Photography by The Realistic Housewife to reproduce and display the images in digital or print form, for personal use only. Under this agreement The Client agrees that any images from the session that The Client uses online (facebook, linkedin, personal blog or website, etc) must also be accompanied by the caption “Photography by The Realistic Housewife” somewhere on the same page. Failure to do so violates the copyright held by Rachel Collins, and may revoke the client’s digital usage privileges.

4. LIABILITY: Though she will do everything in her power to ensure the highest quality of photographs possible, Rachel Collins assumes no liability beyond refund of the session fee (excludes discounts, travel expenses, and additional session time) should the client be dissatisfied with the services and/or final product provided, or in the unlikely event that the photographs are undeliverable due to equipment or technical failure, or through act of god.

Further, by signing The Client also agrees that Rachel Collins is not to be held liable for any accident or injury during the photo session, and that they and their guests are participating of their own will and are responsible for their own personal safety during the session.

5.  REFUNDS: The Client understands that requesting a refund will forfeit their entitlement to any prints, products, or digital files of the images taken. A refund must be requested no later than 7 days after the proofs become available to the client. Due to the nature of digital media, no refunds will be given after proofs have been approved and the images have been sent to The Client or print orders have been processed.

6. Rachel Collins reserves the right to make copies of any images taken during this session for Photography by The Realistic Housewife, and under her own name for personal, professional, or promotional purposes, as long as those purposes are not defamatory.

I hereby certify that I have read and understand this agreement and all of its terms.


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