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JIHADI: A LOVE STORY is a novel about an American Muslim accused of terrorism.

:: What is jihad? ::

Thelonius Liddell, an American citizen, is a former CIA agent who stands accused 
of terrorism. In his memoir, he argues that he is innocent, held without charge in a 
secret overseas prison.

A set of annotations to that memoir paints a much darker picture. Their author, a 
brilliant but erratic psychologist, seeks immunity from prosecution for Liddell's murder.

The novel's two voices compete for primacy, weaving an intricate path through 
Thelonius's nervous breakdown, his botched overseas mission, his broken marriage, 
and his conversion to Islam.

JIHADI: A LOVE STORY features a diverse cast of characters in a complex, 
multi-layered story that explores the borderlines between good and evil. 
Who is the real terrorist? The morally lost CIA agent? His wife? The beautiful 
young Muslim translator who comes to his aid? Or the trigger-happy Marine 
with a vendetta?

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