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For page views and full social following - please email where you can be sent my full media kit.

If you would like your own media kit, please see my freelance page.

All content unless otherwise stated is written and edited by myself, Rachel Bradford, for The Illustrated Teacup. It should not be copied, however can be used for inspiration. All I ask is you link back to the blog.

Posts that include a paid for link will be disclosed as follows at the bottom of each post.
Posts where the subject of the post has been requested as well as the link will be marked as a sponsored post.
Posts where only a specific link has been requested but the content direction left to the writer will be disclosed as a collaborative post containing a sponsored link.
Posts containing PR samples will be individually marked with a * and disclosed at the end of the post as a PR sample.
Reviews will also be marked in this way. All reviews, including one including PR samples will always be of my personal opinion and influenced by the gifting.
Anything outside of these terms will be disclosed at the end of the post with "collaborative post" and any additional related info i.e. gift card provided.
Any questions on sponsored and collaborative posts should be directed to my email, whether from PR's or readers.

This site uses affiliate links throughout to gain a small commission on purchases made from click through's. These are not sponsored links unless stated in the specific post. Affiliate links will not draw from the reader experience and should not affect your purchase or upload speed. Posts with a higher than normal volume of affiliate links, such as a shopping guide or wishlist, will be marked separately.

All images, unless otherwise stated are my own photos, and the copyright stays with myself. If you wish to use an image please link back to this site, and let me know via email or on Twitter if possible.

Where images that are not my own are used, it is stated and links back to the original source included in the text and via a click-through link embedded in the image.
If you feel an image has not been properly credited, please email me at so I can rectify.

Tattoos on this site should never be copied. The majority of the artwork and tattoos, have been specifically designed for an individual, and the hard work and effort should be recognised. Think how you would feel if someone stole your design? Please only use the images on this site as inspiration.
Any advice on aftercare or tattooing in general is always based on my personal experience and knowledge. I am by no means an expert. If you have any concerns or are unsure about the healing or aftercare of your tattoo please consult your tattooist or a GP. Tattoo infections can be very serious, although uncommon if tattooed correctly and safely with a reputable tattooist/studio and if looked after properly.


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