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Hi, and welcome. I'm Rachel, the brains, writer, photographer and obsessive behind Illustrated Teacup.
I share my little life adventures and share bits from my life in Southampton, England, with my husband Dann, baby boy Henry and cat Archimedes.

I met Dann in 2008 in our home county of Buckinghamshire where I promptly moved to the South Coast to study Journalism. Dann joined me in 2009 where we lived together for three years before introducing Archimedes into our lives.
We got married in May 2013 in a church ceremony back home and continued living and working in Hampshire. In 2014 we introduced Dante (RIP August 2016) to our little family.

Skip forward to 2015, we bought our first home together, and found out I was pregnant in October. Now in 2016 we welcomed Henry to complete our little family.

I started this blog in 2014 as a tattoo blog, but since transitioned into lifestyle so I can document our little life and share our adventures in this open and honest internet diary of sorts.

I'm very proud to say this little corner of the internet has picked up a few followers along the way, which makes this all the more special to me, so thank you for reading, from the very bottom of this very grateful heart.


How many tattoos do you have?
Currently - as of July 2015 - I have thirteen individual tattoo pieces.

Who has done your tattoos?
Gypsy lady, stag, rabbit and squirrel, with flowers on right full sleeve - majority of work done by Lee Smith at The Tattoo Rooms, Maidenhead  - small inner wrist done at Woody's Tattoo Studio, High Wycombe, and  Tattoo Magic, Southampton 

Cat, campass and scarab beetle on left forearm - Saranna Blair at Urban Image Tattoo Studio, Bournemouth

Swans on left outer bicep - Georgina Jurd at Intense Colours, Southampton

Butterfly on back of neck - Saranna Blair

Angel on shoulder - Lee Smith

Tigers on back - Lee Smith

Stars on back - Woody's Tattoo Studio

Rose on foot - Lee Smith

'R' on left ankle - Woody's Tattoo Studio

Girl on left calf - Dani Green at Dragstrip Tattoo, Southampton)

Belle on right thigh - Dani Green

Cat frame on left thigh - Jenna Kerr from Devil in the Detail, Stafford - done at Brighton Tattoo Convention 2015

Where wouldn't you have a tattoo?
I get asked this a lot. It's a hard question to answer as I have no idea how I will feel in a couple of years. I definitely wouldn't have my face, palms or stomach tattooed. Having a face tattoo is a huge step and should be for people who are set in a career where it is acceptable such as a tattooist, or a business owner where image isn't going to have an impact.
At the moment I also wouldn't have the front or side of my neck, chest or my hands (though I would consider fingers), but that could change. 

You can see all my tattoos on my Instagram


  1. Although I don't have any major tattoo pieces myself, I do have a few small ones and I am fascinated at others tattoo's as well!! Definitely like the tattoos that are there to express the personalities and journey's of people rather than the random tattoos!

    Thank you for sending me the link to your blog over on Twitter.!

    All the best

    Tayla xo

    1. Hi Tayla,

      Thanks for your comment. I'm hoping to include everyone with and without tattoos in my blog. Educate those without tattoos and share the love with the ones that do. It has an amazing and very interesting history and culture that should be shared.

      Glad you like!

      Rach xx


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