Name: Nicolás Villamizar
Born: 1982
Nationality: Columbia
Type of art: Paintings

“Ärt is error” says the tattoo on Nicolás’ arm. Educated in France and with a great links to this culture, he studied Audivisual, including additional modules of Communication and Art History in France. Later he was trained in photography and contemporary art in Barcelona, ​​and did a master’s degree in Graphic Design in Madrid, a city that he loves and where he currently resides.

A self-taught artist, he painted since childhood and continues to love to explore new techniques and mixing materials.

Influences from street art, film, and music are strong parts of Nicolás’s art work. And it provides him with guidance and self-development, especially on two basic lines: color and error, or chance.

I like to see my work as life itself, lots of color, gallons of paint that fall, apparently without any sense, but every drop summarizes what we have lived and felt to let the next drop fall again. And if this does not, you will have the chance to cover it with another drop of painting, like life itself. “


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