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Sam was born in Northwest Ohio to two working class parents. His father is a 2nd generation Mexican American Army veteran and state employee. His mother was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States after struggling through a life of harsh poverty. She put herself to work, putting in long hours in factories and the food service industry.

Like with many working families, there were hardships. Stability was thrown off course when his mother suffered an injury in a workplace incident. During that time, it wasn’t uncommon to go without a running water or spend a week without power. The struggle was amplified as his parents battled with lawyers and doctors who seemed hell bent on making our lives more stressful rather than treat his mother with compassion. The experience stuck with him, being the first of many instances in which he would watch corporate greed use and abuse working families. 

Sam went to study at the University of Toledo, becoming the first among his siblings to gain a degree. Like many of his peers, he sought an education as a ticket to a high paying job. But like over 44 million Americans today, he took on debt in order to pay for his education. Today, he still carries that burden, paying into the estimated 1.5 trillion dollars of debt that collectively sits on the backs of families across America.

Sam moved to Texas in 2015 where he has worked as an Art Director and Project Manager. He is a proud member of the working people of Texas. Working people who know what it is like to take on student loans, pay inflating rent prices, struggle to pay medical bills, and worry about their future in an unstable and divided America. 

Many of our leaders have never experienced how devastating these problems can be and so they ignore the voices of those who cry out for help. This country isn’t working for everyone - Sam’s seen it and so have you. He doesn’t come from politics. He’s not a career politician. He’s someone who lives in the real world, working to make ends meet. We need leaders who have lived these issues first-hand to continue the fight for smart and efficient solutions.


Sam wants to represent you because he knows what it is like to struggle and feel like your voice is unheard. He knows what it is like to deal with the generations of systematic issues that have put too many burdens on the backs of working families and too many dollars into the hands of the rich. He’s a proud Hispanic-American, staunch intersectional feminist, LGBTQ+ ally, and someone who will fight for the changes you need. Sam will make sure that everyone, regardless of color, creed, gender, or sexuality has a voice in building our future in District 24. Your experiences matter and it’s time we have a government that reflects that. 

Join Sam and together we can use the power we have in our democracy to make things better for everyone.

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