Marty’s Friends

One of the great benefits of Marty’s Cafe is that people from all walks of life pass through the door all year round to enjoy Marty’s famous food. From his Muskoka Berry Pie to his legendary Buttertarts, friends and fans alike continue to enjoy the great food and warm welcome that keep people coming back for more. Here are a few comments from some of Marty’s biggest fans:

Buttertart“Marty’s buttertarts are little pockets of liquid gold, sweet as the sun on your back on a Muskoka afternoon.”
– Amy Sky, Singer and Songwriter

“I feel sorry for my Canadian friends living in Los Angeles who can’t get a great buttertart. Marty, if you moved to Hollywood you’d be the king.”
– Marc Jordan, Singer and Songwriter

“Marty Curtis is the Michelangelo of buttertarts. In this highly anticipated cookbook, at last he reveals his tasty secrets. Hungry readers will enjoy all the recipes that have made his café a true Canadian treasure and helped it earn its very appropriate name: Marty’s World Famous Café!”
– International Chef, Michael Smith

“As an international business speaker, I get to eat in some of the best hotels and resorts around the world. But one of the great treats and traditions in our family is to travel to Marty’s World Famous Café in Bracebridge, Ontario, for wickedly delicious pies, gourmet grilled sandwiches, and the best bean salad on the planet. Bring on the cookbook!!”
– Donald Cooper, Speaker and Business Coach

“Tarts to blow your mind. Passion in pastry and a deliciously sticky experience.”
– Ted Reader, Award-Winning Chef and Food Entertainer

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