Name: Kino Acosta
Born: 1974
Nationality: Spain
Type of art: Photography

The places, objects and situations portrated by Kino Acosta (Madrid, 1974), they lack of context, or space and temporality. They are images that deliberately tend towards a figurative abstrac tion in order to involve the viewer and make him an accomplice in a game full of interpretations. Nature and urban landscape are mixed in a personal catalog of images taken at different locations along his life. Acosta faces the world to portray forests, rivers, streets, emblematic buildings … later reinterpret these themes in surprising form compositions. Throughout this process, you get distort reality so that objects or subjects portrayed lose connection with their environment to the fore as separate icons, being geometry a very important rol e in his work. Maybe Kino Acosta has decided to introduce us in this particular worldview that became an espectacle that is not oblivious to people and that only we can contemplate one side of it, always from outside, through a different prism that unites the contrasts of light and shade, the voids and metallic sounds swaying gently balanced harmonies and rhythms almost to monotony to be suddenly broken by small , short discordant notes.


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