Climate Change

The climate crisis is a threat to our very existence. The time to stand for our future is NOW.

Medicare for All

Most developed nations see healthcare as a fundamental right. We should too.

Voting Rights

Voting should be one of the simplest ways to participate in our democracy. Let's work to make sure that it's easy, accessible, and fair.

Women’s Rights

Women make up 51% of the population. It is beyond time we legislate women's inalienable rights to their own bodies. 

Housing for All

The homelessness crisis only worsens as the gulf between the rich and poor widens. It is our duty to ensure everyone has safe, accessible, and affordable housing. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system favors the rich and unjustly punishes the poor. To fix this, we need wide-ranging reform.  

LGBTQ+ Equality

LGBTQ+ people have always existed. It is time we ensure their place in our world with legislation that protects them from all forms of discrimination.