Housing for All

A Home for Everyone

Families are burdened by high and rising rent costs all over the United States. Homelessness has become a crisis. Sam believes housing is a human right and everyone deserves safe, accessible, and affordable housing.

Protect Tenants

We need to establish a national rent control standard to protect renters from unreasonable price increases and from unjust evictions. 

Affordable Housing

Lowering rent, building affordable homes, and the Green New Deal will ensure high-quality, environmentally friendly homes for renters within the lowest income brackets.


As Texas grows, a housing crisis looms. We need to ensure longtime residents aren’t priced out of their own neighborhoods and homes by gentrification and new developments. It is especially important to protect low-income and minority communities from displacement. 

A Home to Call Your Own

Sam will fight for legislation that keeps more of your hard-earned money in your pocket, instead of in the hands of wealthy real estate developers.