STATEMENT FROM ANDY MEEHAN (6/5/2020 9:00 am) https://meehan2020.com/election

On behalf of MEEHAN FOR CONGRESS campaign, I am extending my warmest & most sincere “THANK YOU” to the hundreds of joyful patriot warriors who worked the polls for me on June 2nd, 2020 Primary Election in Pennsylvania District 01.

You stood tall for our values, for our President Donald Trump, & our country! You did not “hold your nose” & silently sacrifice your values for the self-serving Bucks County party establishment that has abandoned our values & our votes!

As we await the official election results, we celebrate VICTORY! No matter the outcome, we stand proud & tall with dignity intact & consciences clear!

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick & the failing Bucks County Republican Party “leadership” pulled every dirty trick in the book to marginalize, silence & impugn our campaign.

  • They had FUNDS: More than 1 million dollars!
  • They had FRIENDS: Every Washington RINO insider & Bucks County bigwig! (Except President Donald Trump, who NEVER endorsed Brian Fitzpatrick!)

AND THEY FAILED! FAILED to scare us. FAILED to silence us. FAILED to stop us!

Ours is a movement of UNITY & STRENGTH, with HIGH ENERGY on our side! Ours is a movement that WILL NOT be marginalized & silenced anymore. The days of “holding our noses” & voting for RINO candidates that do not talk, act, & vote our values ARE OVER.

THANKS TO YOU! It has been my deepest honor to carry our banner for all of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you, your families, & America!


More Than 60K Bucks Co. Ballots Still To Be Counted (6/4/2020 3:16 pm) https://patch.com/pennsylvania/levittown/s/h4wuu/more-than-60k-bucks-co-ballots-still-to-be-counted

BUCKS COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS: “Due to the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19, the resulting influx of tens of thousands of mail-in-ballots, and the first-time use of a verifiable paper ballot voting system mandated by Pennsylvania’s Act 77, only partial unofficial results will be available until all ballots are scanned. The Bucks County Board of Elections will post updates regularly.” http://www.buckscounty.org/government/CommunityServices/BoardofElections/UnofficialElectionResults

  1. Unofficial General Primary Results (6/2/2020 11:39 pm) https://meehan2020.com/share/unofficialelectionresults-generalprimary-1726.pdf
  2. Unofficial General Primary Results (6/3/2020 10:27 pm) https://meehan2020.com/share/unofficialelectionresults-generalprimary-060320-84883.pdf 
  3. Unofficial General Primary Results (6/4/2020 12:15 pm) https://meehan2020.com/share/unofficialelectionresults-generalprimary-060420-89202.pdf
  4. Unofficial General Primary Results (6/4/2020 04:30 pm) https://meehan2020.com/share/unofficialelectionresults-generalprimary-060420-93294.pdf
  5. Unofficial General Primary Results (6/5/2020 04:30 pm) https://meehan2020.com/share/unofficialelectionresults-generalprimary-060520-118451.pdf
  6. Unofficial General Primary Results (6/6/2020 04:30 pm) https://meehan2020.com/share/unofficialelectionresults-generalprimary-060620-129915.pdf
  7. Unofficial General Primary Results (6/7/2020 04:00 pm) https://meehan2020.com/share/unofficialelectionresults-generalprimary-060720-138165.pdf

Did you experience PROBLEMS voting during June 2, 2020 Primary?

Contact PA ELECTION HOTLINE 1-877-868-3772 https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Pages/Election-Day-Hotline.aspx

Contact your local election officials: