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Peace is Patriotic!

National Guards Reserve

     Sergeant Patrick Ryan McCaffrey

Patrick was Killed in an ambush, at 11:45am Iraq time. June 22 near Balad, Iraq.




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Thank you notes: If this website exist today, it is because of the kindness of a few great volunteers who have donated their time and effort to create our website. Thank you to Jacotte Chollet, Julie Voisin who designed the new site and spent many hours working on it until the final results.
 Thank you to Marshall Masters who created the very first site
in 1999
  Corinne's Art. Scroll down this page for beautiful paintings

Changing the Face of Death’s outreach program is dedicated to public education efforts to spread the message that death is the celebration of a life lived, and all that was known, learned and done during that life. It costs very little to become a CTFOD Angel or Supporting Member and yet your support will help us to do so much. In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to make a difference.  Won’t you please become an Angel or Supporting member of CTFOD today.

 Dina Miller (the braiding artist), One of our Angel at work, Dina is a Hospice volunteer since 1996,and a board member. Picture taken at the Renaissance Fair.   

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Angel Membership -- $75/year

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Art (for sale) by Corinne, one of our Angel

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