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The “zone” is the name I’ve given to the place deep inside our soul that harbours our ability to achieve anything we put our mind to. It’s the place that refuses to be invaded by self-doubt, bad memories, lack of confidence, and other negative feelings. We all have our own zone, but it’s not always easy to break through and unleash its potential. We need to work at finding ways into our zone. Once you’ve broken through, the rewards are incredible. I have included some simple exercises in my book, Marty’s World Famous™ Cookbook, that have guided me in my kitchen endeavours and other areas of my life. Something as simple as breathing deep full breaths, can help create calm and balance, two key ingredients to finding the zone. Why not see if this works for you? At the very least I hope the tips in my book will inspire you to explore other methods that will help you to find your way into your zone.

Here’s to life in the zone...

– Marty Curtis

Marty's Philosophy

For the record, I am not a chef. That is, I have no formal training, but I do have a genuine passion for cooking food that radiates love and I thoroughly enjoy sharing that food with as many people as I can. I’ve spent more than 20 years as a student of the world of food, exploring and creating recipes that taste great and are easy to make. At Marty’s Café we offer people a fun-filled time-out, and some welcome respite from the chaos and stresses of modern life. We aim to please with out-of-the-ordinary food: some healthy, some sinful, and some so good that people are left speechless.

Marty’s World Famous Cookbook was born from an overwhelming sense that it was time to share with people how easy it can be to recreate these great-tasting recipes at home. Once my heart was in the right place, the cookbook seemed to write itself!

Everything I do has been influenced by my travels at a young and impressionable age. My grandfather taught me to “learn with my eyes”, and by observing other cultures, I soon discovered our common reliance on food. Food is more than just fuel for the body. It fuels the spirit and holds us together as a community.

– Marty Curtis

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