Climate Change

The Science is Clear

The climate crisis is a threat to our very existence. If we are going to survive this global emergency, we need to take this stand for change together. To get there, Sam supports implementing the Green New Deal. 


We need to steer away from fossil fuels and commit to 100 percent renewable energies.


We need invest in our future by fully modernizing our electrical grid with the best technological advances. 

Eliminating Emissions

The electrification of vehicles and homes is essential to eliminating harmful emissions.  


Texas can lead the way with solar and wind power. DFW Airport has become the world’s largest airport to achieve carbon neutral status, and that is a tremendous achievement. It shows that environmental efforts are sustainable, economically sound, and that Texans can be the ones to inspire the globe to meet their emissions standards.

Let's Get to Work

Mobilizing to deal with the climate crisis doesn’t just help the planet - it saves lives. It is past time that the government started making big changes to help those who need it most. Sam pledges to go after those big changes, and to support a sustainable future for all of us.