#behindthecanvas feat. Victor Soler

Our artist Victor is a big cineast. Even though deeply admiring the big movies that Cinema has brought to us,  many times he felt like missing an important scene.
So he brought to life his series “Lo qué el cine no me contó” – What the cinema didn’t tell me.
He grabs his pencil, and with precise and elegant verve, the missing take is brought to life. After that he realizes the coloured final version with digital tools.

“El Imperio Contraacta” – The Empire strikes back
represents one artwork of this series. Even though you might not be to much into the Star Wars Universe (Impossible!), you have to admire the balanced composition and the unique details. The technical precision together with the imagination provoking content form a perfect pairing.
If you’re a big fan of movies as well, browse through his artworks or contact us for special charges.


Technique: high quality print of pigmented inks on dibond

Edition: 1/10

Size: 250 x 100 cm, 200 x 80 cm or 150 x 60 cm



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