What do body parts have to do with glue?

#behindthecanvas feat. Beatriz Dubois Collage (from the french word „coller“ = to glue) means a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing. So far says the Oxford Dictionary. But we know... read more

Philosophical thoughts on paper

#behindthecanvas feat. Álvaro Torres It is one of the eternal struggles of mankind: How to enjoy life, knowing that with certainty someday somehow everything has an ending? This rather profound philosophical question marks the intelectual background of Álvaros... read more

What painting feels like

#behindthecanvas feat. Begoña Fernández-Castaño As an artist you need to have two main abilities: You need to perceive your surroundings in a sensitive way and then you have to express your impressions in a unique, but understandable manner. To our luck, we have... read more

Under Neon Lights

#behindthecanvas feat. Blanca Azcárraga You should love neon! Why? We have an easy answer: The gas transformed into art is one of the most expressive things you can add to your surroundings. Our artist Blanca Azcárraga bends and shapes tubes into quirky and cool icons... read more

The Essence of the City

#behindthecanvas feat. Manuel Cruz A day in a city like Madrid is a continuous bombarding of images. Thousands and thousands of different visual informations pass our eyes and most of them slither unnoticed into our subconsciousness. Our artist Manu is like their... read more

Enjoy your meal!

#behindthecanvas feat. Nicolás Villamizar Nicolás is one of our artists who knows how well food and art go together. His rough, but very appealing art is an adventurous journey for the eyes. Just as in a nice meal, you can always discover something unexpected that... read more

Shifting perspectives, remaining calm

#behindthecanvas feat. Kino Acosta One of the main characteristics in Kino Acosta’s photography is the importance of perspective. May it be deconstructive as in his more recent series or may it be engaged deeply into a material as in his Galicia Triptych. Still,... read more


Some of our Up&Coming artists have an special talent for painting portraits. Each one with its own personality and style. Send us an email if you want your own personal portrait! By Beatriz Dubois By Begoña Fernández-Castaño By Nicolás Villamizar By Manuel Cruz... read more

Cow Parade

In our Throw Back Thursday section we like to remember past stories from our Up&Coming artists. In 2009 Begoña participated in the Cow Parade in Madrid. The Cow Parade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world. CowParade events have been... read more

Unique pieces

Have a look on the new UNIQUE pieces that Álvaro Torres and Beatriz Dubois have for you this Christmas  ... read more

Stories untold

#behindthecanvas feat. Victor Soler Our artist Victor is a big cineast. Even though deeply admiring the big movies that Cinema has brought to us,  many times he felt like missing an important scene. So he brought to life his series “Lo qué el cine no me... read more

Love created “Alpine”

#behindthecanvas feat. Victor Soler In the spring of 2008, Victor Soler received a special request. A loving couple had seen his compelling and highly narrative artworks and decided there would be none but him to bring to life their common favorite movie “The... read more


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