The brand identity developed for our final year at The Glasgow School of Art was named ‘Assembly'. The concept for the identity was a focus on the creative process as opposed to polished final outcomes, which best represents the unique spirit of the course which places an emphasis on the joy of making. Project with Michael Bremner, Amy Hinchliffe, Steph Roden and Sam Rowe.

WIP Show Posters 

The unique shapes of each poster were made from offcuts, no two are the same, pushing the boundaries of the conventional poster. We created visuals which reflect the vibrancy and energy of the new (almost) graduates. Our three specialisms - Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography - operate under the umbrella term Communication Design, the abstract and ever changing aesthetic of the posters mirrors this and the variety of work that the students produce.


With emphasis on process and development, we utilised Tumblr to give glimpses of inside the studio and student’s work - never giving too much away, using the shapes to obscure what you could see and encourage interaction with the page.

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