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“Drugged-driving” Information Resources


Canadian Police Association’s (CPA)
“Top Ten Myths”
About Illicit Drugs and Enforcement

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  • TRANSFORM – Know your drug war: Learn how to win the drugs debate
  • PIVOT – download printable Statement For Police rights cards

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Drug Studies

March 4 / 2008
The IEA is the UK’s original free-market think-tank, founded in 1955.
Why outlawing particular goods and services is bad public policy

September 17 / 2007
Canadian Public Health Association 2007 Resolutions

March 8 / 2007
The report of the RSA Commission on Illegal Drugs, Communities and Public Policy
Final report: Drugs facing facts
Drugs -facts

May 2004
The Fraser Institute – Vancouver B.C.
Marijuana Growth in British Columbia

Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs – 2002

The Le Dain Commission Report 1972

March, 1970
Nixon’s Shaffer Commission report
Commissioned by President Richard M. Nixon

The La Guardia Committee Report – 1944
The Marihuana Problem in the City of New York
Mayor’s Committee on Marihuana, by the New York Academy of Medicine
City of New York