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Aaron Rodgers does his best not to lose it on cameraman

Posted by Laces Out Crew on July 11th, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Sometimes, you gotta keep it together. Packers star Aaron Rodgers did his best not to lose his cool (thanks to NESN for the story) when TMZ cameras followed him while he was trying to enjoy a night on the town.

A cameraman peppered him with questions about Colin Kaepernick’s hat controversy and about Aaron Hernandez. Rodgers refused to respond for the most part. However, when he was trying to get into his car and leave, he did tell the cameraman that one day he’ll “get a real job.”

As far as freakouts go, this one doesn’t even register on the radar. In fact, the QB deserves all kinds of credit for not letting his annoyance get the better of him. Good for you, dude.

However, we are going to embed the video below for your visual enjoyment. Enjoy!