Weathering The Storm

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Many fighters train a motley of disciplines every day and it looks like they get nowhere.  I have been training Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai for a little over a year. Some fighters I watch have been training for 7 seven years and they look like amatuers. For instance Houstan Alexander. I'm a Big Houstan Alexander fan and the fights with Eric Shaffer and Thiago Silva were heartbreaking to watch. When he was mounted he could go nowhere. When stuck in that position you're suppose to buck your hips upword then swivel your hips back to get a leg free. You can push your oppenet upward as well, when doing that keep your body as close as possible because a little space can get you armbared. Now I know in MMA you can also run the risk of being pounded on, but if you train something I like to call  "Weathering the Storm" you'll get used to it. Try this: have a partner Mount you with mma gloves or boxing gloves. Work your way out from bottom mount position to get to your feet, work all areas and position, like against a wall or cage, back mount, bottom guard and do this for ten minutes(x2 five minute rounds or x4 2:30 rds).  Your partner should be hitting you the whole time( not trying to pound unconscious, but hard enough for you to react). That should get you used to being hit, a taste of adversity, and work on your explosion and jiu-jitsu all in one. Get a good wrestler or some one with a solid base to work with, that way it won't be the first time you'll be under alot pressure.  So remember to buck, push and swivel and you'll have a chance to survive.