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What the UFC Offered Fedor Emelianenko
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What the UFC Offered Fedor Emelianenko
Written by Vytas   
Thursday, 30 July 2009

According to the Carmichael Dave Show (as posted by Carmichael Dave on Sherdog) the UFC offered Fedor Emelianenko some extremely generous terms:

- The UFC offered Fedor a 6 fight, 30 million dollar contract. That's 5 mil a fight

- The UFC offered Fedor an immediate title shot

- Lesnar/Fedor would be the biggest PPV in MMA history (we assume), and the UFC offered M-1 Global a cut of the PPV on top of Fedor's purse.

- Fedor was free to wear as many M-1 logoed items as he wished.

- The UFC also relented on allowing Fedor to compete in combat sambo.

Apparently, for good or bad, M-1 refuses to sign a deal unless the UFC agrees to co-promote.
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written by compton420, July 30, 2009
n dana aint gunna co promote
written by lucky13jesse, July 30, 2009
dana better not agree to vadim's terms. vadim is a leech that doesn't know how to run his business and always has to piggy back on other successful fighting promotions just so he can get his M-1 sum publicity. learn how to promote fights Vadim.
written by rakatanga, July 30, 2009
if this terms are true, fedor has to be in the ufc tomorrow. 5 million -fight??!!!!!
written by bara, July 30, 2009
Since M1 sides with Fedor and Lesnar with UFC, it'd be interesting if UFC did agree to co-promote with M-1! Higher stakes on the line! It'd be like losing half of yourself if your best fighter loses to the other
M1 is playing hardball...
written by scomar, July 30, 2009
All about the co-promotion, this does not look good for ever having Fedor in the UFC.
written by MM, July 30, 2009
we just want to see fight fedor
written by bob sapp, July 30, 2009
this is bullcrap fedor thinks hes god thats more than brok lesnar and gsp prob made together at ufc 100 i dont care who he is hes not any better than gsp and anderson silva in pound for pound talks and im sure they dont have that deal f**k him now i really dont care if he gets in the ufc ...f**k fedor or his managers whoever is doin this crap hes not worth 30 mill
written by bif, July 30, 2009
That would be a huge slap in the face for the top UFC fighters who at best make 500,000 a fight!
written by milkman, July 30, 2009
fedor deserves every nickel ,hopefully they ll seal the deal soon .if not i m pretty sure that fedor would take the fight for free if it was up to him just to settle this pound for pound nonesense for good.all the fedor haters need to learn how to appreciate a good fighter if not the best.
who is the douch bag that THINKS gsp or silva is better than fedor, ROFL!
written by ddub, July 30, 2009
fedor is clearly undefeated by anyone who is a fan of mma, the oriental guys whupped silvas ass, so he has defeats, gsp has defeats and got ktfo by matt serra, i love gsp to death, but even gsp will im sure tell you that fedor is his favorite fighter, and agrees that he is the best, just as bj penn said, nuff said....
Missing the point!
written by scomar, July 30, 2009
At this point and always it shows it was not about the money. Fedor only received 400K to fight in Affliction, the kicker is probably what M1 banked by co-promoting. THe most recent news released shows it is ALL business and not money or should I say "purse". Strikeforce is trying to "strike" a deal and will let M1 co-promote...so my bet is Strikeforce here he comes to most of our dismay!
Not the money...
written by scomar, July 30, 2009
Fedor only made around 400K a fight at Affliction, but M1 copromoted, so I am sure he received more revenue. At this point the purse doesnt mean squat, it is a promotion power-struggle. Strikeforce is about to steal Fedor away and let M1 copromote, so we get to see him fight more "B" level fighters!
written by n a m e, July 30, 2009
Fedor wont get a fraction of this kinda money from any other organization (considering the news is true) so either he stops competing MMA or this deal happens.. I went from uninterested to interested again; cus this looks like the deal could happen in the next coming weeks.

*Fingers crossed
wha tha faaaa
written by mmajunky, July 31, 2009
damn if they do sign that deal with him, i can't believe it. it's great for mma but what if he comes in a win one fight and loses all the other rest which i doubt he will do. hahaha. that will be a slap in the face for the ufc. he is the best out there but everyone has their time and fedor's time is soon to come in the ufc. 30 mill and 5 mill per fight. god damn dana white is crazy! but i doubt this deal is going down. too much at stake for everyone.
written by peloss, July 31, 2009
me parese perfectoque fedor acepte a ufc para que le de en su madre a la mole de lesnar fedor numero 1smilies/wink.gif
to the guy who said fedor is better than silva!!
written by thijs, July 31, 2009
Your a [edited for content--no name calling--TrikaAdmin] HANDLER...anderson silva has owned everyone, even when hes lost hes dominated, fedor has fought NO ONE! andrei was twating him and got stupid, sylvia was waaaay past it, NOGUEiRA took him the whole way and hes not even a puncher..fedor vs brock, brock takes him down, punches him about, ref stops it, WHO's THAT FEDOR guy thats what you'll all be sayin, until he comes to the UFC hes not the best in the world, because the best in the world are in the UFC, Silva, GSP, Penn, Griffin, Machida, Rampage, Cro Cop, Mir, Nogueira, There all there in the UFC!!
written by scomar, July 31, 2009
Ahh, I didnt say it, but you list two guys he beat, one more than once in your "the best in world are in the UFC"...FYI that does not help your argument when you say he hasnt fought anyone!
what if
written by Brand1sh, July 31, 2009
what if fedor gets in, loses to brock, and then he still gets 5mill per ?? If I was him, I'd have my pen ready
Don't Be A Pussy...!!
written by DJM, July 31, 2009
on CHECK...!! Fedor, if u want to become a man instead of dump your manager and join the UFC...!!

Do not talk like that here--TrikaAdmin
clean it up
written by Trika, July 31, 2009
Some great posts. Two were not great. One resorted to name calling and the other to extreme obscene language. Apologies to those who post with respect--TrikaAdmin
The Best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be
written by J-Butts, August 03, 2009
All I'm Saying is when Fedor fights its always a good show..cant say that about some of the other fights yall have mentioned. Brock (boring)..Cro cop(wins by eye poke tko)..seriously!!! and yall say he is one of the best. and stop naming other fighters that will never fight him such as penn, rampage, silva, machida, GSP, Never will happen. Heavyweight Class in ufc SUCKSSS major wangbone
written by J-Butts, August 03, 2009
but i do agree he is a idiot for not taking that deal IF that is true. russians need to get a wake up call.. MONEY RULES EVERYTHING.
written by john 3 16, August 31, 2009
fedor sucks brock will destroy him

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