Kenny Florian vs BJ Penn

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 What a fight this is gonna be!!!

     Bj Penn is one of the most naturally gifted fighters I've ever seen. His striking is crazy because of his heavy hands and confidence, working with A.K.A. in his past career helped. Thus his knockouts, of Caol Uno Din Thomas. His jiu-jitsu is incredible, not because of the person he learned it from it was his dedication to the art.  He's never been knocked out, which is good and he has the experience of main eventing and for a tittle no less.

  Kenny Florian What a great fighter. His Thai Boxing is off the chain. He mixes Boxing on the inside Muay Thai on the outside. His Jiu-Jitsu in my opinion is better due to the fact he's won more fights by submissions. His reach gives him an advantage with kicks and straight punches, he's been finished by bigger oppenets and he's lost his first tittle fight.

 Predictions: I can't make one. It'll go either way. BJ Penn has the advantage with power punches, Florian has the speed to beat him. What you guys think?