KJ noons....Wake Up

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Someone let me know what makes KJ Noons think he can Box, he is not undefeated nor is he a prospect but he refuses to give up the Dream of him being a Boxing champion.  I can't lie though KJ's hand speed looked impressive against Nick Diaz and looked superior but he didn't show any boxing instincts against Krazy Horse and doesn't seem to be fairing better with his hands without the threat of leg kicks and takedowns but he just doesn't seem to have it. The reason I'm even talking about it is because the dude is a impressive MMA fighter,  he's got good striking power, doesn't mind trading in the pocket, and avoids takedowns well.  Obviously he's his own man and can do with his skills what he pleases but, they are being wasted boxing. He's robbing me of good fights. KJ Noons vs. Eddie Alvarez would be a great fight, and every one wants to see the Diaz re-match. I don't think he's scared of anyone because he the odds are much worse for him against mid level boxers than top level MMA fighters.  Someone must be in his ear and he's delusional to think he's going to excel in boxing right now. He pulled out of his last fight that was scheduled for last week. He could go to Japan and make a lot of money if that’s the gripe he has with MMA in the US. Until he throws back on the 5 oz. gloves I'll be shaking my head thinking WTF.....