How to Beat Lyoto Machida

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Machida is now the champ, great!!! But I've discovered a chink in his armor.

          This is a man who can do it all. The old stick and move, in his own flashy way. Counter striker, agressive striker, submission specialist,  you name it he could probably do it.  Now when he first burst on to  the scene   I was one of the many to say "this guy sucks!!", I thought he was scared of a fight, I wasn't as knowlegable as I am now in MMA.  After a while I saw a guy with un limited potiental. Some of these fights he was in, I realized because he is unbeaten he can't fail, well I noticed a flaw.

         Lets go back to UFC 76.  He took on Kaz Nakumra. Great fight that went to distance like his previous two. There where little things I noticed. First off the clinch. When Machida and Nakumura locked up he was being hit alot. Next Kaz kept hitting him with the same left hook, and that was what led to the tie up. Now Machida did what he does best and out scroed him for the win, but that's when I relized he could be hit.

Next fight I noticed someting was aganist Tito Ortiz. I knew that Tito was going to lose, didn't know how but he was going to lose.First Tito was very agressive, he did good with kicks, Machida checked some and took some.  Second was the pressure Tito was pressing on him. Don't know if anyone saw, but Tito had Machida's back against the cage a few times, but steped back out of frustration. Tito did good in the clinch as well, hitting him with body shots and what not and then made the mistake of trying to take Lyoto down and we saw what happened.  

Last thing I noticed that Machida does alot is lean back while moving away. This has attributed to his elusivness. It works but he exposes himself. His body is out in the open and someone with good striking, like Rampage or Shogun could beat it down and break him down. 

Machida's two future opponents create problems for the champ. Rampage is great power puncher who mixes things well. Shogun likes to kick and is good in the clinch. If some one can back Machida up, while throwing leg kick combonations and beating him in the clinch, we will have a new champion.