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Dana White Talks About Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers
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Dana White Talks About Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers
Written by Vytas   
Friday, 23 October 2009

Dana thinks that Brett Rogers might knockout Fedor Emelianenko. “Fedor should be fighting Brock Lesnar not Brett Rogers.”

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written by mmakarate, October 23, 2009
dana dana. c'mon dana. hated on fedor, then wanted fedor, and now still hating on fedor. he's not in ufc and that's it and will never be. maybe he's scared but who knows. but yeah bet you if rogers knock out fedor then, dana will come knocking on Mr. Roger's door just like he said in the interview. lol
written by ??, October 23, 2009
so.. he said Brett could knockout Fedor.. but Fedor should be fighting Brock? so Fedor sucks so much he can get knocked out by a noname, but at the same time he should be fighting the best of the best, Brock.

Dana.. u make no sense you fukkin douche.
o ohhh
written by xfighter, October 24, 2009
poor dana
sorry for you
and you very very big mouth
written by Miau, October 24, 2009
Dana, if you're such a dedicated fan, why not just make the damn fight happen (copromote...I mean it's clear by now that Strikeforce won't die if u don't)??? I'll tell you why 'cuz you're more of a manager than an MMA fan; and we're okay with that, but don't try to convince us that No1 should chase No2 and not vice-versa
written by ileeras, October 24, 2009
dana has a name that fits him. he is a b***h, now he is backin strikers with no ground game . He hated Kimbo for the same reason. now he is suckin kimbos jock for every dollar he can get. I know he did a lot for the sport but today he is backing gimicks(slice),(lesner) and taking the soul out of the biggest MMA stage there is.
come on...
written by Jeebus, October 24, 2009
Fedor will fight anyone they put in front of him, but unfortunately fighters dont make the cards happen the orginizations do so lets not take anything away from Fedor. I was disappointed when he didnt sign with the UFC as well but for Dana to compare Lesnar (who hasnt had even 10 fights yet) to someone like Fedor he's crazy. In any fight there is a chance someone will get KO'd, so as Dana says Brett Rogers may be able to make that happen. What does that mean? Just means everyone can get caught, but still doesnt prove brett to be better or Fedor to be a joke. What if he did get knocked out, then came back in a rematch and kicked the sh*t out of Rogers? Lets just wait and see the fight, but my prediction Fedor by submission or possible KO.

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