Defense is As Good As Offense

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Having excellent technique and power is great but what happens when you become the recipant of a barage of Phil Baroni type attacks? Answer: you'll need a pillow because you're going to sleep.

Defending your self can make a more complete fighter. Standing and trading power punches can make you suffer in the long run, on getting caught with a submission and deciding to be a man can leave you a gimp. Here is some basic tips on defense. Footwork is important. Moving around offering angles keeps your oppnent off balance and out of range. Head movement is a great thing to do. It offers an elusive target and sets up counters. That takes training, it's all about awareness. Checking leg kicks and counter attacks is a great defense.

Now for defending submissions. Armbars are tricky. I learned a couple different ways to escape. If you are in guard and your oppnent traps your arm don't panic. Just bend your arm, poke your thump out and pull out.  Another way is when caught your oppnent has to have his foot over your face, but pushing one of his feet to the side and scrambling gets you loose. Rear naked chokes are a b-word. But wrist control, tucking your chin turning into your oppnent's choking hand can lead you into his guard, or keep you out of harms way for the time being. I won't tell you how to escape guillotine chokes untill some one trys to pull it off on me.

Takedown defense is an important facid of the sport. When clinching keep your elbow tight to your body and you hips back so your lower body isn't exposed. Underhooks and over hooks are needed.  It keeps you aware of your oppnents movements and even allows you to go for takedowns. If shot in Sprawling is great. Be sure to sprawl to a specific side, like right or left. Doing this doesn't allow your oppnent to drive through and finish. Train these techniques and it'll help your game.