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Classic: BJ Penn vs Caol Uno UFC fight Video
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ClassiC: BJ Penn vs Caol Uno UFC fight Video
Written by Vytas   
Thursday, 28 August 2008

Classic: BJ Penn vs Caol Uno UFC 34: High Voltage 11/2/2001  fight Video

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written by NiggerJim, August 28, 2008
He didn't look that bad after the fight, so why does he look like he was destroyed in that picture?
bj penn pound for pound
written by aries, August 29, 2008
i think gsp is a great fighter, but given bj penn's skill and history of fighters he's pound for pound number 2 in the world. he beats anderson silva then hell's be the best fighter i've ever seen. i mean beating matt hughes, renzo gracie, takanori gomi he's a great fighter. so i hope he comes in shape and beats gsp.
written by Brettsky1, August 30, 2008
GSP will annihilate BJ. Period. Unfortunately BJ is not in the same league as GSP. GSP would crucify him.
written by jchris, August 31, 2008
bj penn has some of the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen from a major competitor, well, aside from those assholes the Diaz brothers
written by jackieMoFoBrown, September 03, 2008
This is for the dummy who said that Penn isn't in the same league as GSP. Same weight class, no, but Penn has proven that he can dominate the lightweight division and also be a top tier fighter in the welter weight division. He beat Matt Hughes, should've beaten him twice if he didn't break a rib in the 3rd round of their 2nd fight (he dominated the first 2 rounds). He lost to GSP in a split decision and this was his first fight back in the UFC after a contract dispute. It was a very close fight and I'm not saying GSP isn't a great fighter (he's one of the best) but so is B.J Penn and I think if Penn goes up in weight again, he would be an extremely formidable challenge for St. Pierre. Only someone who knows little to nothing about B.J Penn would say he's not a good fighter, so if you're ignorant then just don't speak because you make yourself look like a complete moron, Brettsky.

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