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Saturday, 28 April 2018

What to expect from a 4D scan

Review post*

I'm pretty certain the highlights of pregnancy are the scans. 
Aside from eating all the foods you want (within reason of course) and the baby kicks, there isn't a whole lot of other stuff to look forward to as the months go by, until you're ready to meet the new addition. 

But those scans, and seeing your little one, has to be one of the best feelings. I'm not sure much beats that first scan at 12 weeks, but a private 4D scan has to come as a pretty close second. 

We recently went along to Babybond and Ultrasound Direct* in Southampton for their 4D bonding scan, and it was such a great experience to grow that bond with our second baby boy. 

As with our previous scans at Babybond,we were greeted by the lovely receptionist Sharon and offered drinks whilst I filled in our forms to be passed to the sonographer.

After a small wait - it was a Saturday afternoon so a wait really wasn't a surprise and I'd hate to rush others anyway - we went into get started. Jasmine introduced herself and explained what she would be doing, which included measurements to check his estimated size, alongside the actual 4D scan. 

Baby boy was a teeny bit uncooperative, but she managed to get his size, with him measuring around 2lb 13oz at 27 weeks and 5 days (date based on the NHS scan),so he's showing as a bit bigger than his older brother, though again, expected for a second baby. 

Jasmine managed to get some beautiful shots and video of baby boy, but wasn't 100% happy with the images as he was curled over on himself with both his hands and his feet attempting to cover his face. After a pee break and a change of position, she still wasn't happy, so we had a break.I was given a ball to rock on and orders to have a drink, but pee if I needed to, and she'd do a re-scan after her next appointment. 

Approximately 20 minutes later, we returned and baby boy had shuffled and no longer had limbs covering him up. Only his umbilical cord was casting a slight shadow for the 4D images, but we still managed to get a few more really great shots.

He's looking almost identical to Henry at his 4D scan which was done about a week later in gestation. It's also so remarkable how accurate the scans are, and I still can't get over the HD images which add a pink tone to the images, and just bring to life a real baby. 

We're also dead set on our baby boy's name having seen his face properly again. 

I guess for me, the only downside, is this will be my last scan to see baby boy before he's born, and I just want to see his little face all the time. Just as well we got lots of footage and photos!! I'm just glad I got the opportunity to see him again as I really do think it's helped with our bond, especially after a rough first and second trimester.

If you're interested in booking a 4D bonding scan, you can find details here, and a list of all babybond scans here. 
Also read our gender scan review here

*4D scan provided by Babybond and Ultrasound Direct in exchange for a blog review. All opinions  are my own. Always seek professional advice for maternity issues and scans.



  1. Wow didn’t realise how much detail there is wish I had done this with my two ❤️

  2. I am always amazed by how clear 4D scans are. It is so exciting to get that little glimpse if what the baby looks like. How exciting!

  3. Babybond sounds amazing, they really went the extra mile which is lovely as it’s such a special time. What beautiful photos too!

  4. Oh these scans are gorgeous! I didn't have one with my two, I did want one with Lily but we ended up high risk and having next to 20 scans anyway which kind of sucked the fun out of it! I definitely want one with my next baby! They look so wonderful! x

  5. What gorgeous scan photos. We had a 4D scan with my first born and it was an amazing experience but couldn't afford to have it with my second born which I kind of regret but had to prioritize finances. Sounds like Babybond provided a special experience.

  6. Oh Rach, these scans are so beautiful! I never had a 3D or 4D scan with Amelia but I totally would with baby number 2!! xx


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