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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Laundry Day - The Ordinary Moments

I've recently had a bit of an impromptu blog break, and with most blog breaks you get thinking about what you really want to do with and gain from your blog. And this inevitably leads you to thinking why you even started blogging in the first place. 

For me, my blog started life as a creative outlet after I lost a baby whilst I was in a job I completely hated and had zero creativity to it. 

Jump forever three years and it's a hobby and starting to be a bit of a business. It's where I still channel my creativity after spending a couple of years juggling a career in marketing and communications. It's my online space to share my thoughts and advice, and document a little bit of our family life.

But the whole thing with having a family blog was to write about my family, and what we get up to. 

Unfortunately that content isn't the clicky articles that a lot of people want to read, and I know I don't read many posts in that style unless I really love that blogger (this post by Hannah Gale really summed up a lot of where I also believe blogging is heading), however, after reading this post from Kirsty, I was reminded how much I do love a good rambly ordinary moment post. One that is real. One that is about every day life. 

Because I'm an ordinary mum, with an ordinary toddler, leading a pretty ordinary life. 

We do the laundry on Tuesday mornings, including bed changes. Like most families. And if you've ever experienced changing a bed with a toddler, you'll know that it is not ordinary, and is most certainly not an easy feat. 

Normally, it wouldn't even enter my mind to document changing our beds. But I saw my camera sat there and Henry was in such a happy, smiley mood, that I couldn't resist a few photos. 

And it felt really good. 

I felt nice to pick up the camera and just shoot some fun photos of everyday ordinary life. No forced photos. No flat lays. No organising. Completely spontaneous.

So I'm going to post more blogs like this. Ordinary moments.

The Ordinary Moments


  1. How stunning are these photos, what a beautiful smile. My little man enjoys making the bed and cleaning days too #ordinarymoments

  2. It's so, so lovely to have you linking up. I love how happy he is - and sometimes it's those ordinary moments, during a mundane laundry day, that we like to remember the most x

  3. Beautiful. Ordinary moments really are everything -- they make up so much of our daily lives! I love that you're choosing to consciously celebrate, and document, them. Looking forward to seeing what the next one is :) xx

  4. I love how spontaneous these pictures are - they make a lovely difference to flat lays etc! Enjoy them!

  5. Sorry to read about the loss of your first child. It's lovely that you have gone on to have a toddler who is full of energy and so much joy. #TheOrdinaryMoments

  6. I am the same! I started writing to keep a family record and have over the last couple of years ended up writing more about reviews etc. I’m trying to pull it back again and have a monthly siblings post, an update on our bucket list, weekly living arrows and ordinary moments on occasion. It makes me feel much more motivated to write the brand content xx


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