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Thursday, 24 November 2016

3 time-saving tips for parents

Becoming a parent is a huge adjustment. The hours of sleep dwindle, someone else relies on you pretty much entirely, and life as you once knew it is changed forever.

For instance,  I'm writing this post, on my phone, with Henry asleep in the crook of my arm as it's the only way to get him to sleep for more the 45 minutes. I'm busting for a wee, and its 8:57am and we've been up since 5:35am.

One of the biggest things I've learnt since becoming a parent is how much you have to adjust. And it isn't just once when your baby is born. It's continuous. As they grow and change, so must you.

But life still has to go on. There's still all the adulty things that you need to do, which to be honest you now barely have the time to do, nor the inclination.

So today I'm sharing some time-saving tips, so you can parent and still get all the adult stuff done too!

Online shop and delivery I think about 80% of our shopping is now done online and delivered. We have our food delivered by Tesco, and most everything else by Amazon. Dann occasionally picks up an odd bit here and there, like milk and bread from the shop on the way home, or I'll get clothes from primark, but mostly it's delivery all the way. There's nothing easier than doing your food shop while baby sleeps and having it delivered at a convenient time for you.

Baby wearing This has been a life saver. I was a little dubious about baby wrap slings as I didn't think they looked safe (we also have the Ergobaby 360 as I wanted something really secure) but since trying it out with a borrowed sling, I'm in love. Henry loves to be carried around, and babies in general want to be close to people as it makes them feel safe. I tend to put washing away or hoover with him wrapped on me which really helps me keep my sanity, otherwise I feel like I'm not doing anything everyday.  

Slow cooker cooking and meal planning
You've probably noticed from this blog, that I quite like to cook and bake. Before Henry arrived I did a load of batch cooking and honestly it helped so much. So I've continued this activity and it's literally saving so much time. They're great for a quick dinner or lunch if you've stored it away in the freezer, plus you can leave it cooking all day without worry so you can pay attention to the little one. 
We also try to meal plan as much as possible.  We plan dinners for the week ahead which saves us faffing in the evening trying to work out what to eat. It also makes food ordering so much easier as we know what we need to have in, and can plan around what we already have. 

What are your time saving tips, for parents, or anyone needing it?! Leave your suggestions in the comments below!!! 


  1. Take a view at this blog where you find a lot of interesting writing stuff and tips in general

  2. Fantastic Blog! It is really hard to get stuff done and so many times I have begged and pleaded with my hubby to online shop and he isn't a fan ggrr! I hate having to trudge around everywhere, I prefer online shopping but he loves his bargain shopping too much and offers in supermarkets.
    I love the wrap slings, they are fab. I've been currently trying to find a fab wrap sling to use myself for my new baby due in May.
    Enjoyed reading your Blog post.


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