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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: My not so secret guilty pleasures

So I'm  broaching into some more general aspects of blogging, but still trying to stay as unique as possible. 

So I figured my readers  are probably  as nosey as I am (it's  the main reason I went into journalism, i figured I'd  have a legitimate reason to nose into other peoples lives) so I'm  going to post a few more personal posts, like confessions of a tattoo collector and contradictions of an alt girl.
So I'm  going to start with some guilty pleasures. Those things that we all secretly love, but know that we shouldn't  and only admit to it when with best friends, or over too much wine. Those  things that make us laugh more than really necessary, or cheer us up more than they should. And things  that are just guaranteed  to make you feel about yourself, with only a slight twinge of guilt. 


Saturday, 24 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: Take Back What's Yours After Miscarriage.

A couple of weeks back I was nominated by Katy at The Lilac Scrapbook to take part in this little campaign. 

As the start of a new year everyone is about making personal change.
Now I realise we are almost a month in to 2015 but I was all scheduled up for January (check me out getting blog organised), but I still think this is pertinent. 

The 'Take Back What's Yours' campaign is about motivating people; you, me, bloggers, writers, everyone, to take back an aspect of their life that they've  lost. It can be happiness, confidence, positivity, anything that you've lost that you want back about yourself.

For me, I want to take back my drive for success and my love for life after my miscarriage in 2014.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: Contradictions of an alt girl

If I  were to describe myself in the fashion world, I would say I'm  an alternative girl, unless I'm  at work. See here for a further explanation.

The definition of an alternative girl, in a fashion sense is:
Someone who doesn't fit into the normal stereotypical style brackets... not a goth, grunge, geek, boho, English rose, classic, vintage, rocker, etc. Someone who wears what they want, and is a blend of types. 


Sunday, 18 January 2015

BLOGGING: A year of blogging... what I've learnt!

One year ago today I posted my very first blog post, you can read it here. Since then, and some 90 blog posts later, I'm  celebrating my one year blog anniversary. 

It's  been an amazing journey so far. I've seen my little blog grow, and seen my readers interact more and more, and I can't  believe how proud I am of my corner of the web.

Alongside  my 2015 resolutions, and learning many things from 2014, blogging itself, over the past year, has taught me a lot about the community and industry.


Friday, 16 January 2015

FASHION: Fashions of an alt girl...kind of

I've  never really fitted into any particular style genre. I have always been a mix, especially with a such a limited budget for most of my life. I've  spent the last few years finding my place in the fashion stakes.

I currently  have two quite unique fashion styles. My work wear and my home wear.
Working in communications, I do a fair amount of public and client facing, so I have to dress smart. Lots of businessy dresses, pencil skirts and long sleeve blazers. Of course, I try to keep some of my personality in the mix, keeping it young, and not doudy. Plus I have a certain pallet of colours that I  wear to match  my skin tone. I've  implemented a lot of things  for my work wear that I've  learnt from a new friend, and I  have to say I  love shopping for work clothes.


Monday, 12 January 2015

TATTOOS: Confessions of a tattoo collector

I'm  what is known as a collector.  I have a growing collection of tattoos from a variety of tattooists. Some people find an artist and stick with them, and although I  have found some amazing artists and have some beautiful  work, part of the fun of getting a tattoo is finding new styles that I love. 

So I collect tattoos from different artists, in keeping with their styles. To date I have had five tattooists work on me to varying  degrees. Three of whom have done extensive and large  pieces. This year, I  have another planned already with another tattooist.

As a collector I  have five little confessions  for you.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

REVIEW: Cranfield's Curiousity Package

This post is a little late coming, but i thought better late than never.
I received more cash than expected  for my birthday, so decided to treat myself to a little gift for the house, something a little different. 

So when I saw that the taxidermist, Cranfield's Curiosity Cabinet, was selling his curiosity packages I knew I needed to get one.

So what's the deal? 

Keep an eye on Mr Cranfield's Instagram, and when he posts his details on the packages it has all the steps.
Basically you send him some money, however much you like, via Paypal, with some details of what you do and do not like.

So I sent £50 and I was massively impressed  with my items.
As you can see, Mr Cranfield does read the notes, and I got an amazing box. 


Monday, 5 January 2015

TATTOOS: Tattoos and body confidence from Things and Ink, Issue 9

Body confidence is a huge thing within the media. Body shaming even more so. Tattoos often come into play when discussing either. 

Women are shamed for having large amounts, or large pieces instead of small dainty tattoos, with comments of "ruining their natural beauty" and it "not being feminine". 

But on the flip side is the confidence tattoos can give you. This topic is addressed massively in the newest edition of Things and Ink.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

LIFESTYLE: New Years Resolutions for 2015

So it's  a new year, and a new you... apparently? 

Well not entirely. But it seems as good a time as any to make some resolutions for the year ahead.
So mine... they do not involve food or fitness. They just never end well, and usually last as long as it will take you to read this post. 

I figured this year, after a fairly crappy 2014, I'd  make some fun, achievable resolutions.

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