Thursday, 3 December 2015

BLOGGING: November and December Advertisers

Another month down, and a new month of lovely advertisers on Illustrated Teacup.
I'm not going to lie I kind of love seeing some really amazing blogs in my sidebar, and celebrating in blogger success and sharing the community.

So first up is Jasmin from Jasmin Charlotte. She's kind of a girl after my own heart to be honest. Just like me, she blogs about all sorts including science, tech and my favourite... food. You all know I love my food. Also she lived in New Zealand for most of her life, but now lives in London, although our lovely British weather is making her rather homesick righy about now.
You can find her on Twitter and Instagram, so go check her out.

My second advertiser is my competition winner in October, the ever so lovely and super sarcastic Alice of Annie Writes Beauty. As you can imagine Alice is predominantly a beauty blogger, but she also dabbles in a bit of lifestyle and is the queen of the black outfit.
Not content with a busy schedule running her own blog, she also co-runs the Soton Bloggers network with Amy. She's also the life and soul of all our events (hand that girl a prosecco) and she's most certainly one of my blogging best friends and a real true (IRL) friend as well. You want a friend who's not afraid to say what's on her mind, and fiercely loyal, then this is your girl.
You can find Alice on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and the Soton Bloggers on Twitter and Instagram too.

You should all remember my favourite mummy blogger Natasha from Bebebear cubs. You'll remember her from October, but she's staying in my sidebar becuase I love her dearly and she really inspires me. Plus how utterly adorable are her littles?
Catch up with Natasha on Twitter and Instagram.

And last, adding in for December is Jessica from The Life of JKS. She was my random winner at the end of November. Like Alice, I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Jessica the last few months. She talk you into a coma, but it's kinda of why we all love her to pieces. Jessica blogs all about her life, and as a student gets about to many events... lucky lady!!
You can also catch her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So that's my November and December advertisers - as a Christmas present all my November advertisers are staying for December too! A true mix of amazing girls and some incredible talent!

If you would like a spot in my sidebar for January, please get in touch at To find out about my package, see my advertising page.


  1. Rach this post actually made shed a happy tear, you're so sweet and I miss you, love you lots and your wonderful blog, so proud to be on your advertisers bar and thoroughly enjoy your posts. This girl is a gem! xxx

  2. Ohh! I've only heard of one of the advertisers, I must go and check out the rest :) Looking forward to checking out Charlottes blog - we need more tech bloggers thats for sure!

    Corinne x


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