Monday, 2 November 2015

LIFESTYLE: Happy Cat Birthday Dante

I literally can't believe that this giant sized fur baby is two years old!
He came to us at a really tough time in our lives in January 2014, but I honestly can't imagine life without him now. He fills our home with so much laughter and joy. He is the silliest, funniest and craziest cat I've ever known, and I love him very dearly.

From hairballs and matted fur, to playing fetch and meowing til you sit so he can have a cuddle I love him more and more daily.
He is the biggest attention-seeker.
He loves having his belly rubbed.
He loves hanging out in the bathroom, whether you want him to or not.
He's the chattiest cat, and adores talking to us.
He is utterly clumsy.
He is massive and furry and makes all other cats (apart from Archimedes) look tiny.
He has the swishiest tail and he knows it, apart from when he drops it in the bath.
He is happy to be cradled like a baby.
He is so sweet natured and dopey - he is loved by everyone.

He really does bring so much love to our home and I simply adore this cat, that not only fixed our broken hearts, but stole a place in them forever.

Happy 2nd Birthday my beautiful, sweet and fabulous Dante.   


  1. Aw he's so cute! Happy Birthday to him x


  3. OH HE IS ADORABLE. its strange how much love a little fluff ball can give you. I have 3 and love them so much! ����

    Happy Cat day! �� �� �� ��

    Amanda | |

    1. I'd love three. But might be pushing it! Xx


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