Tuesday, 13 October 2015

BEAUTY: Autumn make-up on a budget

I'm a saver, not a spender. I'm a bit thrifty and tend to only spend out on something only if I really think it is worth it.
And to be honest, most of the time, make-up, although I love it, doesn't rank high on my splurge list (yes I know, I'm a poor excuse for a blogger).

But that doesn't mean I don't care about beauty products. Some of my favourite bloggers specialise in beauty. And I've learnt heaps in the last few months from my blogging friends.

So today I thought I would share some of my favourite beauty products and colours for Autumn, all on a budget.
My saving grace for this post comes in the form of Make Up Revolution. This is a truly budget brand, which is also cruelty-free and basically brand themselves as the Queens of dupes (if you haven't heard of them before, where have you been hiding?!). However, this isn't the reason I buy them. If I really wanted an Urban Decay Naked Palette, I would just buy one. But I do really love the eyeshadow's from MUR in general.
The great thing is they are really pigmented, have really great staying power and are very friendly on the purse strings. Also their brushes are pretty damn good as well. The eyeshadow blending brush is spot on in my opinion.

For lips, I'm all about red and berry - though I don't own much in berry, but that will changing soon, with the help of MAC, though I think a red MAC is also required! Though of course that wouldn't be budget friendly. I will however collect some more velvet lip lacquers from Make Up Revolution as they have some wicked coverage and stay-power even with a few drinks!

In the photos from left to right, clockwise - Ultra 32 - Flawless, Essential Shimmers, and Iconic 1
Autumn Make Up on a budget

Autumn Make Up on a budget

What are your autumn make-up must haves - leave me comments and links below!


  1. I'm not great with eyeshadow so I tend to lean more towards a darker lip for autumn and you're right, Make Up Revolution are amazing for their ££ and their dupes. I've been loving all the berry shades already, even though they clash terribly with my hair, I'm all about the clashes!!

    I've had my eye on the MUR 32 Flawless Matte palette - since I'm not very good at shadow I wouldn't want to spend much so brands like these are amazing for me :)

    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

    1. I'm actually the same for daytime make-up. I think that's mostly just because I struggle with mornings! lol

      I don't like to spend too much as I don't use it often so MUR are perfect! Would definitely recommend. xx

  2. Makeup Revolutions palettes are my ultimate favourite and I love their lipsticks. I'm the same too, I always go for the cheaper option. I don't see the point unless it's for a foundation, primer, skincare etc.

    Kourtney xx

    1. I've only tried two of their lipsticks and both are nude, think I'll try some of their darker colours this autumn!
      I don't wear foundation or primer, so I save myself a bundle! lol xx

  3. I'm a huge fan of make up revolution, as much as I LOVE make up I would always rather go for budget options, especially when you get get products like this that are so high quality!

    Teri-May xx


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