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TATTOOS: An interview with Stag and Raven co-founder Hannah

Do you ever see a brand and just think, yep they're for me? Well, I recently started chatting to the lovely girls over at Stag and Raven and these girls are definitely in charge of a store that is 100% for me. Stag and Raven is a brand new online store that specialises in homeware and artwork from artists and tattooists. Being a big art of tattoo culture, I knew this brand was for me, especially when I saw they had collaborated with a number of my absolute favourite tattooists. 

So we decided to hook up and put a little interview up with one of the co-founders Hannah, all about her new venture, her tattoos, and advice for tattoo lovers everywhere and to offer an exclusive discount to Teacup readers!.

^^the lovely Kate (left) and Hannah (right)^^

Tell me about Stag and Raven - what is it's history, why was the brand created?
Kate and I have been mates for years and she was looking for a career change. After talking for a while we came up with the idea of Stag & Raven, a business which uses both our skills and talents so we decided to become partners!

What is your favourite item you have for sale on the store 
Easy, it’s got to be our tote bag. I get goosebumps every time someone buys one. The fact that someone wants to spend money on a product that we created is so exciting. 

Best achievement so far for Stag and Raven?
Launching at Liverpool Tattoo Convention this year and getting loads of positive feedback from artists and tattoo lovers. A highlight at Leeds Convention was Kate getting her first tattoo - she's joined the dark side!

Where will you be taking the store in the future?
We really enjoyed being at Conventions this year and are already looking at 2016 events to take part in. We also want to support more artists and charities, lots to organise for the next few months.

What are your ultimate plans for the store?
Ultimately we want to be the go to place for tattoo lovers when shopping for gifts or things for their home. We don't want to dilute what we offer by having too many products and it's really important it's all artists and items that we love and would have in our own homes. Basically we don't want to sell out.  

About You:
What was your first tattoo, and how old were you? 
I was 19 and went with a friend while she had hers, I didn't think it through, its a large cherry blossom style that went half way up my back, another artist added to the top - and then I had a third tattoo artist in Nottingham try and match it all up when I was in my mid twenties - then last year had another artist touch it up. Ergh, don't do it kids! I like it now, but don't love it like I love my other tattoos.  

How many do you have now, and what are they? 
I have seven in total, including my back, one on my hip, my wrists and my arms. 

Who is your favourite tattooist? 
Ohh hard call. I love Rebecca Decadorette (@decadorette ) who's done both my arms - she's a newbie so I've been lucky. I really want a tattoo by Dale Sarok and Joanne baker - both of whom have created limited edition prints for the shop.

Do you have any tattoos planned for the future? If so, what? 
I want a small one of a dinosaur done by a local Manchester Artist, but I'm waiting for them to get back to me. I've got a piece in mind to work with Joanne Baker on the top of my leg, then I'm still deciding where I want Dale to mark :)

Do you have any 'no-go' zones? 
I've heard the ribs are a bitch so will probably hold off that. I'm really keen to get my neck, but waiting till I can think of a design I'm happy with. I can't see me ever getting my face tattooed, but never say never :) 

What is your favourite  thing about tattoos and tattoo culture? 
For me, its art - so it’s all subjective. It shouldn't really matter if anyone else likes your tattoos - I like them so who cares what anyone else thinks.  It's nice to get complimented on them, and even nicer when you know it has a story behind it or love the artist. 
^^this is so true! As long as you love your artwork, then no one else should matter. And if you don't like someone's work, be kind and keep it to yourself!^^

What do you think of the increase in tattoos as a 'fashion statement'? 
I understand both sides of the argument. I think it's fine - Stag & Raven as a brand wants people to appreciate tattoo artists and the culture, It's not about judging but support!

And lastly, let's get personal: 
Favourite food?
Bread and cheese. Both things get inhaled rather than eaten in my house.  

Favourite film? 
Ouch, hard call and very much dependent on my mood. I have fond memories watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones on repeat as a Kid. 
Favourite animal? 
Big fan of Elephants, giraffes and hippos!

Pet hate? 
People that eat with their mouth open.  
^^so completely true, only acceptable under the age of 5!^^

Biggest achievement? 
No idea what to put for this!  
Dream job? 
I’m doing it - I had a really shitty boss when I lived in London, and since then I've only done work I love - it may stress me out sometimes but I'm pretty happy.  

Dream holiday destination, money no object? 
I want to travel the world in a motor home with my soulmate. Just need to find them first.  

Thank you to the lovely Hannah for her fab interview.
The girls have also given Illustrated Teacup readers an exclusive discount code for use on anything in their store - just use code 'teacup' for 15% off *cannot used in conjunction with any other offer.

You can follow Stag and Raven on Instagram and Twitter, or visit their online store.

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