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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

ART: Artist Profile: Dawnii Fantana and her pretty gypsy ladies

I've been a huge fan of the stunning tattoo and illustration work of Dawnii Fantana, after picking up my first copy of Total Tattoo during my University years whilst researching my Final Major Project.

Since then I've followed her work and become familiar with her unique and beautiful style.

So when I discovered she also sold prints, I was over the moon (Thank you Carl at Urban Image, Bournemouth - who displays many prints in his studio).

Needless to say, come payday I was pouring over her website trying to work out which print to buy first (my print spending is getting a little out of hand so I'm having to limit myself each month) and it was a very hard decision. Eventually I chose one based on my love of cats.

Dawnii Fantana Cat Lady

This little beauty did arrive in a blue mount as well, but I loved this framed for, and it's such a perfect fit.


Monday, 19 May 2014

ART: from Draw Me A Monkey

The 17th May was my one year wedding anniversary. Being just the two of us we decided to make the most of it and buy presents for each other. We got each other wedding gifts, so it only seemed right to honour the day a year later.

I wanted something personal and unique for my present to my husband, and thanks to Instagram, I found the perfect gift.

Draw me a Monkey is a paint and tattoo artist, specializing in turning your stories into beautiful and original paintings. Not only can you buy original paintings in her (Sophia) Etsy store, she also works on commission.

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