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Saturday, 19 April 2014

TATTOOS: Do you regret your tattoos?

It's the age old worry when making the decision to have a tattoo.

"Will I regret my tattoo when I am older?"

It's even made it into the news - again! According to the Huffington Post, Four in Ten Britain's regret their tattoos. As with most of these style 'researches', everyone is anti-tattoo and wants to get rid of them, but it always as simple as that.

I, for instance, have seven individual tattoos on my body. Am I 100% happy with all of them? No, I can't say that. But I don't regret having them. They have become a part of who I am.
I have been asked too many times to count, about how I will feel when I am 60 with sleeve tattoos. The answer, I don't know. But they will be more of a part of me than they are now.

Yes I am considering a cover up, but I wouldn't consider laser removal. My style has changed, and my knowledge increased. I now know to choose a tattooist based on their style and talent. It's not about getting a bargain when it comes to tattoos.  My cover up, when I eventually get to it, will be classic and neo-traditional. Flowers and butterflies. Timeless.

Tattooed Hand


Thursday, 17 April 2014

TATTOOS: Superhero Tattoo Inspiration by Derick James 

After the success of my Disney inspiration post, I thought I should do a follow up post. So I searched for some inspiration for my second love in films; Superheros. 
Of course Pinterest was required for this and I discovered the Neo-Traditional and Old School artist Derick James

Monday, 14 April 2014

ART: Artist Profile: Tim Shumate

It's been a week since I started this little series, and this week I am featuring pin-up extraordinaire, Tim Shumate. Based in Chicago, USA, Tim is a basically taking over the tattoo Pinterest feed one drawing at a time.

He started his climb to artist fame with his series of tatted-up princesses, starting with Siren (AKA Ariel) all the way back in 2010. His artwork now spans Disney Princesses; cats in Nutella jars, suits and with antlers; mermaids, and a monkey in an ice cream cone.
His pin-ups are now seen on bodies across the globe, and Tim is only too proud to show them off. His only wish if you want his design tattooed is that you send him a photo.


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

FASHION: Killstar Wishlist

I'm a little bit of a shopaholic. I'm not afraid to say it out-loud.
I love unique clothing, something a little alternative and different from everyone else, so when I discovered the cosmic awesomeness of Killstar, I knew I had to create a wishlist.


Monday, 7 April 2014

ART: Artist Profile: Daisy Hill/Courtney James

I've decided to create a series of posts around one of my favourite things, art.
I have the beginnings of a huge tattoo art print collection, with almost all the walls in my house covered in framed drawings and paintings, some original and some prints.
I buy a painting (original as much as possible) from every place I visit, including Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence and Edinburgh.

So here is Number One in my series - Daisy Hill AKA Courtney James.

Courtney is a tattoo apprentice based in Melbourne, Australia. She sells her Neo-traditional stye prints through Etsy, and ships worldwide - luckily for me.
As with a lot of my new found artists, I discovered Daisy Hill through Instagram.
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