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Monday, 3 November 2014

TATTOOS: The sternum tattoo - the new fashion statement

If you're  like me, you'll love looking at tattoos on Pinterest and Instagram,  and being inspired by others tattoo work.
And you will have noticed over the years that there tends to be a trend within tattoos,  especially in the more mainstream community.  The 90's saw the rise of the tribal armband,  and the 00s saw a lot of love for the lower back or affectionately  named 'tramp stamp'. 

Recently I've noticed a trend in sternum or under-boob tattoos. They are cropping up on Instagram and Pinterest in all sorts of styles, from neo-traditional full colour,  to intricate black and white dot work.

Now I'm not saying this is a bad thing. At least with this placement it is very easily covered and it is very complimentary to the female shape. Although that being said it is a tough spot to have tattooed and that baby bump, if you are that way inclined, is going to affect it. 

Some of the popularity  lies in the increased awareness of larger tattoos from Pinterest and Instagram, but of course, also from celebrities. Rhianna is known for her tattoos and her sternum tattoo will have only increased their popularity. 

What do you think of sternum tattoos?

*images are blended from Pinterest


  1. I think they look amazing and I think it's a fun way to keep your art a secret if you like!

    1. Totally agree. Though I am worried about the pain thing - think its a way off before I add to my collection.

      Thanks for reading


  2. They look amazing, but ouch, painful! I wish I could get one, but my family doesn't believe in tattoos. x

    1. It does look slightly painful.
      That's such a shame, but i always think you should do what makes you happy.

      Thanks for reading


  3. have you found any before and after pregnancy sternum tattoos? I want to get one in that spot but I want to make sure it wont get too distorted. I figured if I keep it above my ribs I should be okay.

    1. I've seen a number of tattoos on this area before and after pregnancy, and really it comes down to individual skin elasticity and how well your tummy is looked after during pregnancy. Your best bet would be to have a chat with a tattooist. Sternum shouldn't stretch too much, but depends how high you carry when pregnant.

      Hope that helps a little.

      Rach x

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