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At the time this post was written, seven NFL teams have fired their head coach, with several more jobs on the chopping block. With 7 head coaching jobs available already, is the 7th best coach available better than the coach who was just fired? Without going to far in depth about quarter backs, markets to draw free agents, and aging stars, the order of most desirable jobs is as follows: Bears, Chargers, Bills, Browns, Eagles, Cardinals, and then Chiefs. So I pose the question, if the Chiefs face the hardest task of luring a new head coach, is Romeo Crennel a better option than the 7th best new head coach?

Of the coaches who got fired, Lovie Smith, Andy Reid, and Norv Turner are the only ones assured to get head coaching interviews. After those three, has provided the short list of names most likely to get called in for interviews.

Jon Gruden. He has a super bowl ring, but has also been out of the game for a while, and remember that his name was not that hot the day he last got fired.

Josh McDaniels. Offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. The Patriots offense is impressive, but McDaniels’ first head coaching gig was not.

Kyle Shanahan Offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins. Good option but no head coaching experience.

Mike McCoy- Offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos. He oversaw the transition at QB from Kyle Orton to Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning.

Perry Fewell- Defensive Coordinator for the New York Giants. The Giants have a punishing defense. Fewell is on the very short list of options for a defensive head coach.

Brad Seely- Special teams coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. 22 years in the NFL, with 10 under Belichick

Ray Horton- Defensive Coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals. He is a hot name, but look at the Cardinals’ season.

Derrell Bevell- Offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahwaks. He possibly made Russell Wilson.

Mike Zimmer- Defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. Many believe his turn should have come by now.

Jay Gruden- Offensive Coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. He looks great with the Bengals but most of his experience come from the Arena Football League.

Dirk Koetter- Offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. He has been a head coach in college and the Falcons offense is fantastic, but there is still some stink from Jack Del Rio on him.

College Head Coaches in Consideration.

Chip Kelly- Oregon. Not one person really knows how he will do in the NFL.

Bill O’Brien- Penn St. With the season they had after the most distracting off-season of all time, this guy might just be a good enough leader to succeed in the pros.

Steve Sarkisian- University of Washington. He used to coach in the NFL which helps.

Doug Marrone- Syracuse. When you think Syracuse you think basketball not football. If you have to hire from college at least pick from a real football conference.

Pat Fitzgerald- Northwestern, he is not going to leave this job. It costs too much to pull a man from his dream job.

Every team parts ways with their coach for their own reasons. The reasons range from discipline, to lack of wins, or in Lovie Smith’s case the situation has just run its course. For whatever reason, you cannot fault a team for cutting ties with their head coach, but this year a few teams will undoubtedly regret their new hire. Yes, there are some big names available to bring in as your head coach, but even big names do not always turn out the way a franchise hopes.

The coaching carousel this season reminds me of the rookie QB grab last off-season. A lot of teams were in the market for a rookie QB, three of which were lucky enough to have success with Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson. However the rest of those teams shopping for a young QB ended up with Brandon Weeded or Ryan Tannehill, both of whom struggled most of this season. Coaches for 2013 will go the same way. Some teams will be happy with Smith, Reid, or Gruden, and maybe even one will get lucky and a first time head coach will have some success. There are sure to be a few franchises unhappy with how their coach’s first or second chance at a head coaching job turns out. When that moment comes, the franchise may wish they had waited one more year to make a coaching change.


Welcome to the week 17 edition of 2 Truths and a Lie. Here is how you the NFL version of this classic getting to know you game, pick out the statement about each game that is a lie. Enjoy!

Min 37- GB 34

  • Adrian Peterson fell 9 yards short of Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.
  • Adrian Peterson will be the MVP.
  • The Green Bay Packers are confident in their ability to slow Adrian Peterson in their first round match up because he only has 5 days to rest. Keep Reading…

Adrian Peterson put together another brilliant performance for the Minnesota Vikings and nearly set the NFL record for single-season rushing yards in the process. Peterson rushed for 199 yards and a touchdown in Minnesota’s playoff berth-clinching win over the Green Bay Packers Sunday. He ended the season with 2,097 yards, which placed him second all-time and nine yards away from breaking Eric Dickerson’s record of 2,105 set in 1984. The funny thing is Peterson had no idea how close he came to the record.

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Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy nearly cost his team a touchdown by throwing a challenge flag on a play by the goal line that was likely already going to be reviewed. Luckily for Green Bay, wide receiver Jordy Nelson did his best to cover his coach’s tracks.

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Chuck Pagano returned to the Colts sideline for the first time since being diagnosed with leukemia three months ago. The first-year head coach witnessed his team beat the Houston Texans 28-16 in Week 17 to improve to 11-5. After an emotional win, Pagano decided to break it down in the team’s locker room by showing off his best dance moves. He even locked arms with owner Jim Irsay and the two did a dance together at one point.

Pagano is so well regarded across the league, he was even recognized by an opponent. Texans running back Arian Foster gave a respect tap and bow to a “Chuckstrong” sign in the end zone after scoring a touchdown:

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Henry Hynoski celebrated in a fitting way after scoring his first career touchdown. The New York Giants fullback is nicknamed the “rhino,” so after catching a one-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning Sunday, he did a sweet rhino impression.

The Giants battered the Eagles 42-7 in the game to finish 9-7 on the season, but they were eliminated from the playoffs after the Bears beat the Lions. At least the game produced a memorable moment for Hynoski, who’s typically used as a lead blocker.

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