You already know I love Smashburger because I reviewed them back in February. They’re one of the better burger chains that’s popped up in the Garden State in the past few years. Recently, Smashburger found out that I was a fan, and they invited back for a few more burgers. 

First off, I gotta recommend the Smashfries. They’re spiced and seasoned, and taste so good that you don’t need even ketchup. They’re also not soggy or burnt. They’re really just right.

The first burger I tried this time was, appropriately enough, the New Jersey Burger.  This burger is constructed with an Angus patty that’s so big it hangs out of the bun. Its topped with Applewood bacon, crumbly bits of bleu cheese, fried onion straws, lettuce, tomato and mayo. All of this is stuffed onto an onion bun. The burger is flavorful throughout. The Bacon is the main attraction, with thick slices that are not overcrisped or dried out.  Its a really great burger that I regret not getting the first time. My only problem with it: I don’t get how New Jersey inspired this particular burger. Any ideas on that one?

The next Smashburger I tried was the Spicy Baja Burger. This burger is, again, a giant patty. However, this time it is covered with pepperjack cheese, jalepenos, quacamole, and an awesome chipotle mayo on a tasty chipotle flavored bun. I’m a sucker for chipotle’s mix of tanginess and smokey flavoring, so I loved this burger right off the bat. The quac is good enough to dip tortilla chips in. The main heat sources on the burger are the spicy mayo and jalepenos.

I love spicy food, but I’ve had so many spicy dishes that my tastebuds barely feel the burn of jalapeno or habanero. (I used to drink Tabasco FOR FUN.) So most times, when I got to a burger joint and order a ‘spicy’ burger, I’m disappointed with its lack of real heat.

This is why you can believe me when I say that Smashburger’s Spicy Baja Burger is actually spicy.  Naturally, I was pleasantly surprised with the old familiar sting.  This Burger has HEAT, and it will burn the uninitiated.  If you too have deadened senses, this is the spicy burger for you. Its not so spicy that it will melt your face, but it is a great tasting burger with more of a kick than most.

After that Spicy Burger, I moved on to a shake for desert. The flavor choices included old-fashioned vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, or you could also choose to have either Oreo, Butterfinger or Nutter Butter shakes. I love peanut butter desserts, so I chose the Nutter Butter Shake with vanilla ice cream. The shake tasted similar to peanut butter flavored ice cream and had crispy and sugary crumbles of Nutter Butter cookies sprinkled throughout. Not a bad choice at all.

So, like I said, Smashburger is my fast casual burger of choice. I like the variety of the burgers, and the quality is reliable. They are popping up all over the state, with locations in Clifton, Florham Park, Glenridge, New Providence and even at the airport in Newark. New restaurants are opening this year in Paramus, Ramsey and Morris Plains. (I work my day job in Morris Plains, and I am genuinely frightened that I might eat at Smashburger every work day for the rest of my life.) Smashburger has a bunch of great burgers. So if you’re willing to give a chain a try, go for it. You’ll be happy you did.

Full Disclosure: Yup, those burgers were provided GRATIS from Smashburger. Yup, I got a freebie. Before you claim that I sold out, please go and read the original review. See how I liked them the first time when I had to pay? I still like them now, and I’m going to like them again the next time I go. I ventured to the Florham Park location for this article.