Roxbury Grill

UPDATE:The Roxbury Grill has closed. You should have gone when you had the chance!

What was formally known as the Vermont Pancake House has now reopened and been redesigned as the Roxbury Grill. A broad range of menu choices make this restaurant a desirable dining destination.

The Place - This was the Vermont Pancake House for as long as I can remember. They were like a family-style restaurant that focused on breakfast and diner-type foods. The menu has changed a lot since then, as well as the decor. Gone are the paintings of New England countryside landscapes, and in are black and white pictures of Roxbury from the past centruy. The new owners have said that the change in design is to appeal to a broader range of tastes and pay respect to Roxbury’s long and rich history.* The township is older than the Declaration of Independence, after all.

Appetizers - There are so many tasty appetizers, that I’d have to say that ‘The Pick 2, 3 or 4′ works out best. You pick out a couple of appetizers, and you still get a bunch no matter what you pick. As you can see in the picture, tons of great thick onion rings. Also, one of the choices available is my very favorite appetizer: CORN NUGGETS. If you’ve never had them, they’re kind of hard to describe. Its like someone took globs of cream corn and fried them in a batter. Totally Awesome.

The choices - are plentiful. In addition to the breakfast, the menu is full of variety and offers entress like crepes, biscuits and gravy, huge plates of ribs, and fried chicken.

The Burgers- I love having a good choice between a variety of burgers. At the Roxbury Grille, they actually give you a choice of the beef itself. You can choose either angus, bison or kobe beef for your burger. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten somewhere that offered me all three of these choices at once before. Even after you choose the beef, you can choose from a list of toppings and fixings for the burgers as well as the type of fries.

Bison Burger with Bacon

On one trip, I had a Bison burger with American cheese and bacon. The bacon was really good and thick. It wasn’t flat or over-crisped. The Bison itself was a delicious and hardy meat.

The Kobe Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

Another time I went, I had the Kobe beef, and it was really awesome. It had a different quality to the gaminess of the meat itself, but still a really big taste. Its hard to pick a favorite, but I may have to pick the Kobe beef just because there aren’t many places that offer Kobe beef burgers around here, but I’ve been to a bunch of diners that offer Bison.

Dessert - For desert, I’ve got to recommend the Red Velvet Cake. I love Red Velvet, and this one was pretty good.

Seriously, I think its great to be offered a choice between burgers. I really loved the menu here, and I haven’t been to many other places that offer these kinds of choices. Also, I used to live in Roxbury, so I appreciate the nostalgic decor that focuses on Roxbury’s history.

*Update – I got message from Russ Baccarro at the Grill who explained that the primary reason for changing the name was because people thought that Vermont Pancake House only had breakfast food, and he definitely wants people to come in all day long. Smart move.