Tito’s Burritos

26 Washington St # 1, Morristown, NJ (973) 267-8486
356 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ (908) 277-3710
166 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ (201)-857-4619


Tito Burritos might be my favorite place to eat on the planet.  Awesome burritos, a laid back surf-styled aesthetic, and a really friendly staff make this a cool place that is totally unique.

-The Place - Tito’s is a small cafe that’s decorated as though its a surf shop on the beach.  They’ve got a giant swordfish on the walls and Christmas lights hung off of a faux tin roof overhead.  There’s always surfing or skateboarding videos playing on the TV’s, and there are surfing movie posters everywhere (even the bathroom).  Plus, there’s always cool music playing at Tito’s. I’ve know I’ve heard the Who, the Beatles, David Bowie, but I know they also play reggae and old surf rock.  All together, it creates a laid back atmosphere.

Tito's Burritos - Burrito

-The Burritos – The burritos are all awesome: they’re giant and are packed with meat. There’s a bunch of choices: Beef, Steak, Shrimp, Fish, Veggie or Bean Burritos that can be made to order (I’ve requested a my burritos a bunch of different ways, and the people there have always been cool about it).

Tito’s has a bunch of codewords that you can use to get your burritos served a few unusual ways, should you desire it. If you ask for your burrito to be ‘wet’, you’ll get a burrito covered in cheese and red sauce, and if you order your burrito to be ‘naked’ you’ll get it served in a bowl with no tortilla.

-The Great Food – The tacos are great and stuffed with meat. The salads are humongous and actually filling (I’m a fat man. I have called a salad ‘filling’ exactly once in my life). The quesadillas are made on 10″ wide tortillas, so think of them more as a pizza that you and your friend can split rather than an appetizer.  The empanadas are especially awesome.  They’re just the right amount of golden-crispy-fried-goodness and they come with a tasty chipotle sauce. Its creamy and spicy, but not so spicy that it should scare off those who burn easily.

Another thing I love here is the Fried Plantains. There sweet as hell, and covered with a cinnamon and icing, they are an great follow up to a great meal. Please plan to share with somebody, though, because you’ll barely have room for desert at Tito’s.

Tito Burrito's Fried Plantains

Also, the food is always fresh at Tito’s, like it just arrived that morning, so you never feel like you’re biting into a soggy piece of lettuce or week old tomato.  Overall, the menu is full of big variety, from the Mexican faire to fries and even wings.  Plus, you get a bunch of free chips with your order, which is always appreciated.

Tito's Burrito's - Chips

-The Specials – are the best part about Tito’s.  They change daily, and there’s a bunch of different specials that Tito’s rotates through as well as new experiments.  Mostly, they are creative and original burritos that are unlike anything you can get anywhere else.  My absolute favorite is the Mr. Blonde burrito, and not just because of the Tarantino reference.  Its got yellow rice, beans, and breaded fried chicken in it!  Its so awesome I even had to go back to add an exclamation mark to that description.  And, dear God, if the special is enchiladas, you may as well buy 2 and take one order home because you’re going to want it again. Some of the other specials I’ve seen have been Jamaican Jerk Burrito, Magic Steak Burrito, Hickory BBQ Steak Burrito, and the Buffalo Chicken Burrito.

Tito's Burrito - Buffalo Chicken Burrito

-The Stickers – Don’t forget to get your free Tito’s Stickers. Its customary to take them with you and get your picture taken either holding the sticker in front of an iconic landmark, sneakily sticking them somewhere, or giving them to a famous person you meet so that they can take a picture with it. Then you send the picture back to Tito’s so they can put it up on their wall at the store. I stuck one of mine on the back of my Rock Band 3 keyboard.

Tito's sticker on Keytar

Like I said at the start, Tito’s is one of my very favorite places to eat on the planet. If you haven’t been there, go. If you have been there, go again. Tito’s is Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.

For this review, I ate specifically at the Morristown location. I have eaten what feels like several thousand burritos there. Tito’s does have other locations in Summit and a brand new shop in Ridgewood, though. All of the pictures show are my own except for the first exterior shot which was used with permission from Tito’s Burritos