Clinton Station Diner

Rt 173 & Bank Street, Clinton , NJ 08809

(908) 713-0012

“Alright, New Jersey Nick”, you say.  “You’ve had a burger or two.  So what about big burgers?

You want to hear about a big burger?  Fine.  I’ll tell you about a big burger.

Clinton Station Diner

  • THE PLACE – is the Clinton Station Diner.  Even the restaurant is big: the main dining room is attached to a train car that you can eat in too.  There’s also a full bakery, salad bar and a bar bar.  With Booze.
  • From the Salad Bar

  • THE BREAD - One really cool feature about this diner is that all of the bread products are made on premise from scratch.  This includes the Basil Bread they serve at the tables for free, the buns, the rolls, and even the croutons are made at the diner.  This makes sense, because where else can you find a hamburger bun the size of a manhole cover for the mammoth burgers that they serve here?
  • Basil Bread

  • THE BAKERY – Also made entirely on premise: the pastries.  There is a full bakery right out ay the cashier’s counter with delicious looking candy apples, brownies, cakes and pies.  It was hard to resist the desserts, even though I was full from the humongous meal.
  • Speaking of Humongous

  • THE CHALLENGES - The Clinton Station Diner has a crazy scale of burgers available including the .4 oz Nano-burgers (served six at a time), The Achilles 1-pounder, The 7 pound ‘Atlas’, and increasingly huge burgers up to the 256 lb made for 10 people ‘Spartan’ burger. Most of the larger burgers have challenges attached to them where, if you eat the burger in the allotted time, you get the burger for free or a cash prize. In the case of the larger burgers, you could even stand to win hundreds or thousands of dollars if you complete the challenges.
  • The Hercules

  • THE BURGER - I chose the 2lb Hercules (4lbs with bun and fixin’s), one of the non-challenge-related ‘smaller’ burgers.  It was awesome.  My biggest fear was that it would be dry or that it wouldn’t be cooked all the way through, but it wasn’t.  It was thick, juicy and meaty all the way through.  More like a meatloaf put on a bun and covered with cheese (Now that sounds AWESOME!)
    And No, I didn’t finish it.  I had to take some of it home.  What?  This isn’t Man vs Food.  I don’t have to finish it just ’cause.  I’m pretty sure I could have done it, but I already had lunch and breakfast earlier in the day, and I wasn’t prepared to overeat my way to victory on this one. Especially if I wasn’t going to get paid for it.
  • Just to show you that its cooked perfectly all the way through.

Clinton Station Diner has some of the biggest burgers available in New Jersey. They definitely have one of my favorite burgers, and going here is something special. Very, very cool.