The Jefferson Diner

5 Bowling Green Pkwy # 12, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849-2256
(973) 663-0233

You may have heard of the Jefferson Diner before. Its always on top 5 diners and burgers lists, and they’ve even been featured on the Food Network shows Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Unwrapped. Once you go, its not hard to understand why its so highly regarded.

  • THE APPETIZERS are pretty unique compared to those at other diner’s. There’s Breaded Fried Raviolis (which are awesome), quattro fries (with 4 different types of fries), a big selection Spizza’s (imagine if Greeks made pizzas on pita bread), and other unique choices like Fried Mac and Cheese Wedges (Which I had and wish I had more of).
  • The Jefferson Diner - The 'Village' Platter

    Jefferson Diner - Grilled Cheese and Fries

  • THE VARIETY is going to make you stare at the menu for a long time before you order. There’s the expected selection of sandwiches and breakfast food, but there are also entire pages dedicated to Burgers, Greek foods, Italian foods, Breakfast, Hot dogs, Seafood and more. It was a seriously thick menu.
  • THE BURGER I had was the Shake and Bacon combo. The burger’s a great diner burger with a bunch of bacon on it, and it comes with a side of regular fries AND waffle fries (Awesome.) The Best Part is that the combo also comes with a milkshake. Why doesn’t every diner do this? Milkshake and Burger are meant to be together. Like Bacon and Burger or Cheese and Burger. Well, not in the same way…you know what I mean.

What I like about the Jefferson Diner is that its classic. The chrome and bright art deco aesthetics, good service and great burgers are what I want and expect from a diner. It’s pretty much the benchmark against which I judge other diners. The Jefferson Diner is definitely one of my diners and I think its one of the best places to eat in New Jersey. I totally recommend it. Go and eat.