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Wiegand Gallery Catalogs


Landscape, Observation, and Abstraction: Recent Paintings by Hearne Pardee and Gina Werfel

January 24-March3, 2007

Introduction by Robert Poplack & essay by Mark Van Proyen

8 reproductions $20.00

The Inside of Now-Abstract Paintings and Drawings by Arthur Monroe

March 22-April29, 2006

Introduction by Robert Poplack & essays by Al Young, Lanier Graham,

Carl Anthony and Arthur Monroe

8 reproductions $20.00


Zeuxis: Facets of Perceptions

January 25-March 4, 2006

Essay by Martica Sawin   

31 reproductions  $10.00

Land and Light: Paintings and Prints by Kathryn Metz
March 23-April 30, 2005
Introduction by Robert Poplack & Essay by Douglas McClellan
20 Reproductions  $20.00

Sam Hernandez: Sculptures & Paintings
January 26-March 5, 2005
Introduction by Robert Poplack, Essay by Frank Cebulski
9 Reproductions  $12.00

Art From the Inside: Drawings by Chicano Prisoners
September 21-November 6, 2004
Introduction by Robert Poplack
4 Reproductions  $5.00

Uncompromising Vision: The Art of Jack Jefferson
Paintings on Paper 1968-1991
March 10-April 17, 2004
Introduction By charles Strong and essays by Gerald Nordland & charles Shere
35 Reproductions  $30.00

Paul Harris Sculpture and Drawings
January 21-February 21, 2004
Essays by Phyllis Diebenkorn, Morris yarowsky, Bill Berkson & Theophilus
8 Reproductions  $10.00

More Than One: Prints and Portfolios from Center Street, Boston
September 12-October 18, 2003
Interview with james Stroud, Charles Ritchie, and Richard Waller
20 Color Reproductions  $15.00

The Society of Six: American masters of Color
March 11-April 19, 2003
Essay by Nancy Boas
11 Color Reproductions  $15.00

Realms and Fragments: Installations by Robert Armstrong, Ronit Arnon & Claude Smith
January 21-February 22, 2003
Essay by Robert Poplack
6 Color Reproductions  $5.00

Foibles & Fantasies: The paintings of Robert Chiarito and Patrick Morrison
September 12-October 26, 2002
Essay by Stephanie Sanchez
4 Color Reproductions  $5.00

John Walker: oceans, Tidepools and Plein Air Painting
March 12-April 20, 2002
Essay by Carl Belz
19 Color Reproductions  $20.00

Terry St. John: Figurative Drawings 1961- 2001
January 18-February 23, 2002
Essay by Terry St. John
19 Color Reproductions  $20.00

Kathy Vargas: Photographs 1971- 2000
September 12-October 27,2001
Essay by Lucy Lippard
56 Color Reproductions (only 2 copies available)  $20.00

Chestnut Street Stomp
A Charles Campbell Selection
Co-Curated by Charles Strong
March 13-April 21, 2001
Interview conducted by Charles Strong
37 Color Reproductions  $20.00

Unexpected Beauty: The Paintings of Stephanie Sanchez
January 19-February 24, 2001
Essay by Gerard Haggerty
18 Color Reproductions  $15.00

Oliver L. Jackson: Recent paintings and Work on Paper
September 14-October 28, 2000
Interview conducted by by Adele Slaughter
3 Color Reproductions  $5.00

The Moment of Form: The Paintings and Monoprints of Don Weygandt
March 14-April 20, 2000
Essay by Norman Locks
21 Color Reproductions  $20.00

Jon Schueler: About the Sky
January 25-February 26, 2000
Essay by Diane D. Moran
18 Color Reproductions  $10.00

From the Figurative Tradition: Theophilus Brown and Paul Wonner
Selected Paintings: 1954-99
October 19-December 11, 1999
Essay by Whitney Chadwick
34 Color Reproductions  $20.00

By the Grace of Light: Images of Faith from Catholic New Mexico
Photograghs by Craig Varjabedian
March 21-April 24, 1999
Essays by Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan, Mag Diamond, and Cathy Wright
29 Reproductions  $15.00

Drawings without models: George Lloyd, Abby Shahn, Joe Slusky, Chip Sullivan
January 26-February 27, 1999
Essays by Andy Brumer and Wendy Gittler
7 reproductions   $5.00

Fire and Flux- an undaunted vision: the art of Charles Strong
Abstract Expressionist Survey 1960-89
October 20-December 12, 1998                               Wiegand gallery
Figurative Paintings and Sculptures 1989-98       
November 3-December 5, 1998                               SOMARTS Cultural Center
Early Work 1960-66
May 9-July 4, 1999                                                     Harwood Museum
Essays by Jo Farb Hernandez and Paul J. Karlstrom with an introduction by Steven A. Nash
Hardbound with 65 Color Reproductions  $40.00

Nathan Oliveira- Acqua: water media Works on Paper 1958-1989
March 17-April 25, 1998
Essay by W.S. Di Piero
21 Color Reproductions  $20.00

Nature Envisioned- The Paintings of Patrick Aherne
January 20-February 28, 1998
Essay by Don Weygandt
9 Color Reproductions  $15.00

Staying the Course: Lisa Esherick, Lynn Faus, Deanna Forbes, Jill Strohn
September 14-November 1, 1997
Essay by Mag Dimond
8 Color Reproductions  $15.00

Douglas Kent Hall- A Boarderless Vision: Photograghs 1966-1996
March 18-April 26, 1997
Essay by Mag Dimond
19 Color Reproductions  $10.00

Milestones- Amy evans, Wynne Hayakawa, Glenn hirsch, Setsuko Maruyama
Katsu Nishimori, Jeffrey Sully, Mariko Wesley
January 21-March 1, 1997
7 Reproductions  $5.00

Mark Di Suvero: The Hands
September 17-November 9, 1996
Essay by Stacey Moss
44 Reproductions  $20.00

Spirit Landscape: Urban and Rural Forms
Edward Brooks, Arthur Carraway, Scott Davis III, Hayward King, Richard Mayhew
Mary O'Neal, John Outterbridge, Stanley Wilson
March 19-April 27, 1996
Essay by Arthur Monroe
8 Reproductions  $5.00

Patrick Humble: Selected Paintings 1970-1995
January 23-march 2, 1996
4 Color Reproductions  $5.00

El Dia de Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead: Jose Antonio Burciaga, Mia Galayiz de Gonzalez
Jose Ramon Lerma, Herminia Albarran Romero, Ruben Trejo
October 3-November 18, 1995
Essay by Jose Antonio Burciaga
5 Reproductions  $5.00

Joan Brown and Manuel neri: Working Together 1958-1964
March 21-April 29, 1995
Essay by Whitney Chadwick
13 Color Reproductions  $15.00

Michael S. Kennedy- Colorist, Paintings 1957-1989
January 24-March 4, 1995
Essay Stacey Moss
20 Reproductions  $10.00

Paul Kos- Playing the Edge
September 13-November 19, 1994
Essay by Stacey Moss
20 Reproductions  $15.00

Wayne Thiebaud- Figurative Works: 1959-1994
March 22-April 30, 1994
Interview Conducted by Bill Berkson
32 Color Reproductions  $20.00

Seven Contemporary Korean- American Artists from California: Miran Ahn, Michael Ju
Hyung Su Kim, Young Kim, Young June Lew, Younhee Paik, Hye Sook park
January 26-March 5, 1994
Essay by Elaine H. Kim
7 Color Reproductions  $5.00

Paper Trails: San Francisco Abstract Expressionist Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors
September 14-November 13, 1993                                                                               (NFS)

The Drawings of Elmer Bischoff: From the Collections of family and Friends
March 30-May1, 1993
Essay by Charles Strong
27 Reproductions  $15.00

Exception to the Rule: Art by Inmates and Their Teachers at the California State Prison- Solano
January 26-March 6,1993
Essays by Bruce Nixon, Grant Russ Bowers, and lawrence J."Lucky" Watson
7 Reproductions  $5.00

The Graphic Art of Katherine Porter
September 22-November 14, 1992 

James Weeks: A Selection From the California Years
April 2-May 9, 1992
Essay by Stacey Moss
11 Color Reproductions  $15.00

The Art of June Felter, Adelie Landis, Louise Smith
February 18-March 26, 1992

Art and Society: Face to Face
Works by Lenny Silverberg, Adam Simon, Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie
October 6-December 14, 1991

The Art of Milton Komisar
April 2-May 11, 1991

Luminous Mysteries: The Paintings of Richard Ryan
November 17,1990-January 17, 1991
Mediating Abstraction and Figuration: The Paintings of James Kelly
September 16-November 3, 1990
9 Reproductions   $10.00

Traditional Soundings: The Paintings of Joe Oddo and James Phillips at Mid-Career
April 8-May 12, 1990

Lyn Brockway, Harry Jacobus, and Jess: The Romantic Paintings
May 20-June 30, 1990

Objects of Potential: Five American Sculptures from the Anderson Collection-
Phoebe Adams, John Duff, Mark Lere, Martin Puryear, Robert Therrien
February 6-March 30, 1990

Jim Melchert: Recent Drawings
September 8-October 14, 1989

Frank Lobdell: Drawings
September 27-October 29, 1989

The Abstract Expressionist Years & After: Jack Jefferson, Frank Lobdell, Alvin Light
April 23-June 3, 1989

Midpoint- Crossing Orion's Belt: Four Artists At Mid-Career
Joel Bass, jayne Hileman, Susan Mareneck, Philip Morsberger
February 12-March 25, 1989

Spanish Watercolors: Robert Bechtle and Richard McLean
October 16-December 18, 1989

Manuel Neri: A Personal Selection
April 14-May 21, 1989

Hassel Smith
Recent Paintings 1986-87
Selected Works 1948-63
February 17-March 26, 1988
Essay by Charles Shere
13 Reproductions $15.00


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